Spice Shelf

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Professionals know that the trick to an effortless service or product is having an organised workspace behind the scenes. Whether you work in a five-star restaurant or a busy factory, keeping your ingredients, supplies and tools clearly organised and accessible can cut down on valuable work time, help you to avoid errors, and ensure quality. With a spice shelf from our range of stainless steel furniture, you can do just that: keep your workspace clutter-free and efficient.

Keep your workspace clean and organised with a stainless steel spice shelf

Despite its specific title, the spice shelf is not only for kitchens. Of course, it can make a great addition to your culinary and catering equipment. The spice shelf is ideal for keeping small ingredients such as pizza toppings, dried pastas and, of course, spices! But it’s also ideal for other industries such as schools (for pencils and pens), factories (for small tools and nails), and even home storage: anywhere that hygiene and efficiency are a priority. With its sleek, minimal design, it’s even suitable for front-of-house, such as in cafés for displaying self-service sugar sachets and coffee stirrers. Our spice shelf selection from the Royal Catering range features a variety of sizes to host different numbers of GN containers.

Wherever you work, you can save on floor and counter space with a wall-mounted spice shelf. Your spice shelf is delivered with fastening materials as standard and is easy to mount on the wall using its four sturdy anchors. As with all of our craft supplies and furniture, durability is a high priority. Both the shelf and GN containers are made of quality stainless steel which is hardwearing and can withstand heavy loads. Stainless steel is also the top choice when it comes to hygiene as it is easy to wipe clean and disinfect, cutting down on cleaning time and helping you to uphold health and safety standards.

Stainless steel: The professional choice

We’ve got plenty of options in our spice shelf selection to suit your workspace, whether large or small. Our cheapest spice shelf from Royal Catering features space for four 1/9 GN containers. The bookended shelf allows for safe storage of larger ingredients or equipment, while the brackets below create hanging space for your GN containers, keeping your ingredients separate and easy to access. We also feature shelves for up to seven GN containers, depending on your storage needs. Our spice shelf is ideal for pairing with other items in our stainless steel furniture range. For all your storage needs, our different types of stainless steel shelves, free standing or wall-mounted will help you to make the most of your workspace, safely storing your equipment and clearing walkways – an important factor in any factory or kitchen layout.

For extra customisation, our floating wall shelves can be adjusted in height depending on the size of your wall space or the volume of goods. For life-long return on investment, all of our storage systems can be easily dismounted and refitted, should you remodel or relocate your workspace. Our full range of industrial equipment also features a selection of stainless steel products, such as scales and laboratory equipment. Stainless steel is also a top choice for food preparation, as you’ll see in our range of stainless steel tools for butchers. And for front-of-house, our 100% stainless steel trolleys add an elegant and efficient touch to any busy service, and our stainless steel barstools are sturdy and sleek to suit your dining space. Stainless steel is the professional’s choice when it comes to storage and equipment, so whether you’re investing in a spice shelf, or a whole range of furniture, there’s no need to compromise on durability and hygiene.