Multi Gym Machine

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Get a full body workout with Gymrex multi gym machines

Are you looking for multipurpose fitness equipment to kit out your gym or home? Our multi gym machiness from the fitness experts at Gymrex are a great, versatile choice, especially if you’re working with limited space. Providing a full workout experience to your clients, staff, or just for yourself at home, can be pretty pricey and can take up a huge amount of space. Between weights, benches, and bars, it’s hard to know where to start. With these multi-use machines, you get up to fifty exercise options, all in one machine.

Multi purpose gym machines for an all in one workout!

  • Three versatile designs
  • Great for compact spaces
  • Hotels, homes, gyms
  • For beginners and professionals
  • Sturdy and safe
  • Up to 50 exercises

Gymrex are our top choice when it comes to fitness equipment your home, training club, hotel, gym or sports centre. They also design our pull up bars for home and gyms and our range of boxing equipment for all experience levels. Their range is designed to be efficient, helping you to make the most of your workout space but also giving you great options for versatile exercise regimes. Like all of our sport equipment, they’re also suitable for both professionals and beginners, and men and women alike. Long-lasting, comfortable, and with a high weight capacity, you’ll be making a health investment that lasts a lifetime. Multi gym machiness are a must for every gym allowing you to complete a whole full body workout session or to approach different muscle-groups separately. Tone up, strengthen, improve your cardio and relieve stress. Our multi gym machiness come in three designs. The four-in-one combines a pull up station and a fully adjustable workout bench, allowing you to really focus on upper body and core workouts. With the Gymrex five-in-one multi gym machines, you can really adjust your workout to fit your needs. Set the angle of the backrest and seat, and of course, adjust the weights to your chosen setting to perform up to 30 different exercise all in one machine. The Gymrex seven-in-one multi gym machines is our most sophisticated and versatile, with an additional dip station for working out leg muscle groups. You can perform over 50 different exercises using the weight station, pull up bar, and bench. The cable pull can be used either standing or sitting, and the weights can be adjusted in small increments of 4.5 kg. You can use this bicep bench to perform all kinds of isolation exercises for the biceps. Use a barbell, curl bar or dumbbells to really make the most of this multi gym machines. Whether you’re losing weight, bulking up or simply staying healthy, a versatile workout option is one of the best investments you can make!

Keeping your business healthy

  • Tools for homes and business
  • Hotel and BnB equipment
  • Basics and luxury hotel supplies
  • Gardening equipment
  • Great gifts for home-owners
  • Wide range of cooking supplies

Now that we’ve explored the health and fitness range, it’s time to discover how to keep your business operating at full health too, with professional tools for hotels, kitchens, garages and more! As always, almost everything in our wide range of professional tools can also be used at home. Our thermal weeders, retractable hose reels, and bud trimmers are the ideal investments for grounds-keepers, landscapers, and gardeners, as well as a great gift for gardening enthusiasts or new home-owners. In our range of hotel equipment you’ll find everything you need to keep your guests happy, whether you’re running a hotel, BnB, hostel or even an AirBnB. We’ve got practical necessities such as hand dryers, bins, luggage racks and cleaning trolleys. Then we’ve got the special extras such as mini-fridges and colourful summer umbrellas, to turn every trip in to a treat! Then, there’s our growing selection of commercial cooking equipment for all kitchen types. For hotels, take-aways and fine-dining restaurants, we’ve got a wide range of ovens, refrigerators, chopping equipment and stainless steel furniture to choose from. We even have a specific range of commercial kitchen equipment for markets and stalls. Haven’t found what you’re looking for yet? Don’t worry, there’s always more to discover in the Expondo range!