Weight Bench

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Your search for the perfect weight bench ends here!

Searching for the perfect weight bench can feel like you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole that doesn’t have an end in sight. Weight benches are the cornerstone to most sport equipment setups and it’s important to find one that’s durable and built to withstand a range of weights and exercises. You won’t need to worry about any of these qualities because our equipment is provided by Gymrex, a name you can trust and depend on when it comes to sport equipment. Have a look at what you need for your workout and have a look at all the models we have on offer, such as our adjustable sit up bench.

Having equipment with a great design and ease of use will ensure you’ll be going back to it week after week.

- These models will fit right in with your personal gym setup or if you’re looking to expand your hotel gym for guests.

- Just what you need to stay in shape and tone your muscles or for adding serious mass for bulking up.

- Made from durable and robust steel and paired with comfortable padding to ensure your ability to power through long workouts.

- Some models are equipped with dumbbells and other weights if you’re building your setup from scratch.

When you’re taking a look at our full range of sport equipment, the task of building your own personal gym can seem a bit daunting. Starting with a quality weight bench is just the tip of the iceberg. You can get just about everything here from our excellent endurance training devices for the cardio workouts to our weight set of 49 kg for those looking to bulk up for their upcoming beach holiday. And a great weight bench will go together with any of our other strength training devices that you could ever want. But having a solid weight bench to hit every morning might not be the only step you’re looking to make. Diet is just as important and there’s many of our healthy electric multi cookers that would be a great addition to your kitchen, as well. Starting with a healthy diet and adding a great workout on your weight bench will see you reaching your personal fitness goals in no time! So, maybe stay away from our attractive chocolate fountains for a while and think about taking a multifaceted approach to your health this year!

Weight lifting benches built for professional gym goers and novice home setups alike!

- These products don’t take up as much floorspace as you would imagine and can be stored away.

- Perfect addition to your training club or to upgrade your aging equipment to offer your customers something new.

- With a compact design, though, you don’t need hundreds of square meters free to set this up at home.

- These multifunctional weight benches will be able to work just about every muscle group you have!

When you’re looking for quality products coupled with great design, our full online catalogue with all the categories is the one stop shop you’ve been searching for. There’s a lot more than just weight benches here. We built up our customer base with all of our industrial equipment for industry professionals looking for great value and quality materials that can take a beating. Not too unlike our weight benches made from robust stainless steel. But pumping iron and forging steel aren’t the only things we’re dealing with. There’s all of our beauty equipment that’s been added to the list, among other things. Starting with the weight benches and checking out the other things for your gym is a great start. Just make sure to see the other parts of our site for your future shopping needs. But for today, maybe just stick with the weight bench and take it from there!