Counting Scales

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In these modern times, with technology making everything we do easier and more effective, no one should have to count their stock by hand (or by eye!) any more. This time-wasting task is frustrating for staff members, unreliable and a waste of paid employee time. Make life easier by using a quality counting scale to do the job for you. Like all our professional scales, these counting scales are accurate, reliable and easy to use.

Count small items or units easily

A counting scale works by recording the weight of one item or unit, so that it can then calculate the number of items or units in bulk. This is a real essential for any business selling stock by the number: from beads to screws, circuitboards to chocolate truffles, modelmaking parts to car parts. There are countless businesses which could benefit from this professional-quality industrial appliance. A counting scale helps you both to keep track of your stock inventory, portion out exact quantities of an item for individual packs for sale, and calculate the quantity and price of goods when selected by the customer (for example, in ‘pick and mix’-style sales counters). Engineered by Steinberg Systems, a trusted German manufacturer specialising in accurate industrial and laboratory equipment, you can be sure that each reading will be precise and reliable. Hardware and craft supplies stores will benefit hugely from one of these appliances, allowing sundries such as nails, nuts and bolts, pipe connectors and much more to be counted with almost no effort! A counting scale is also a useful gadget for any food market, grocery store, deli or farm, for example helping to count the number of food portions in a pack or the number of snack servings left at the end of a day’s sales. These compact and lightweight appliances make a practical and fuss-free addition to any catering kit or sales desk. Even small-sized appliances such as in-ear headphones, usb sticks or circuitboard components can be counted easily and safely with a counting scale from expondo.

A counting scale you can count on

Despite the bad pun above, the statement is true: these counting scales are truly robust and reliable, designed to cope with heavy use and give accurate results. Like our price-calculating scales, these scales come in several varieties; choose from many different models with different maximum weights and levels of accuracy, ensuring that you find the scale which best suits the kind of stock you will be weighing. Our most popular model of counting scale has a maximum weight of 30kg with precision levels of up to 1g, though if you need even more precision we even offer a counting scale with just 0.5g margin of error. Retailers and traders rely on these quality scales to be reliable and useful long-term, which is why they have been designed for ergonomics, practicality and optimal functionality, by engineers who work on lab-quality measuring equipment. The long-lasting batteries and clear LED screen provide the best possible usability, and with an easy-to-use calibration feature it will be no trouble to train any new staff to use the scales. Expondo’s wide range of retail equipment includes all the tools you might need to keep track of and manage your stock: for heavy items and industrial warehouses, we even offer quality floor scales and heavy-duty crane scales, which combine with our quality lifting magnets to help you inventory heavy stock without risk of injury.