Letter Scales

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No matter how many thousands of emails we send each day, the physical letter has not yet gone extinct; in fact, most offices still deal with huge amounts of old-fashioned post on a daily basis. If you are in a business where you are sending or processing large numbers of letters, a professional letter scale is an essential. In addition to a reliable parcel scale, these scales are suited for any office – even a post office!

Manage your postage and save time

These professional-quality letter scales by Steinberg Systems, a reputed German manufacturer of many different types of scales, give accurate results and quick, responsive functionality. The backlit LCD display gives a swift readout of the weight of the letter or letters you are measuring, helping you to process huge amounts of post as quickly and efficiently as possible. This helps you to precisely calculate the postage required for each letter or several letters, which is important for administrative operations sending many letters out each day with a large-scale postal service. The accuracy and reliability of these letter scales means that they are equally suited for certified post offices and logistics centres, ensuring that each customer can find out which category of letter types their particular letter fits into. Ensure that you pay – or receive – exactly the correct postage every single time. Educational institutes will find these scales particularly useful in the run up to term time when a great deal of paper post must be sent, from admissions letters to start-of-term announcements. However, any office or reception where post is still a key part of daily communications will benefit from a top quality letter scale. Expondo’s entire catalogue is full of useful tools and gadgets for making office life as easy, efficient and effective as possible – both for great results for your business, and for your coworkers‘ sanity!

No other scale works quite like a letter scale

Unlike other scales, a letter scale is able to weigh very light items such as letters with high accuracy (to the nearest 0,1g or 1g depending on the model), which makes a difference when you are calculating the correct postage for a letter. This is particularly useful in postal systems where different types of letter fall into different categories based on their size, thickness and weight. Post offices will benefit hugely from trustworthy letter scales such as the models offered by Expondo as part of our wide range of equipment for industry. The LCD display is lit with energy-efficient LED lights to maximise battery life while also ensuring optimum readability. These scales are able to read weight in 6 different units, and come in different variations. Our cheapest letter scale offers all the basics, while our premium letter scale offers extra functionality: with a maximum weight of up to 25kg (depending on the model) you can even weigh small or medium-sized parcels with one of these scales, which is of course essential not just for postage reasons but for customs forms and processing delivered wares. Weightier packages can be taken care of with our professional floor scales, manufactured to the same exceptional quality. Each letter scale gives you a warning when the battery is low and when the scales are overloaded, and offers a useful piece counting function. Like all our industrial tools and catering appliances, these scales are designed to be reliable and robust, providing long-term results you can count on.