Table Scale

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Whether you’re weighing deliveries, craft materials, or ingredients, an accurate weighing device is crucial across hundreds of tasks. Getting an accurate reading can ensure you avoid recipe disasters, scientific errors, incorrect delivery quantities, and most of all, minimises the risk of wasted money and produce. To save time on clerical errors and make sure you’re getting the best results, whatever the job, invest in a versatile table scales from the exerts at Steinberg Systems.

Accurate, hygienic table scales for all businesses

- For a wide range of industries - Hardwearing materials - Hygienic - Maximum capacity of 1.5kg - Precision of 0.0g - TARE, STORE, PCS and pricing functions

Minor errors can happen from time to time, but without an accurate system of weighing, measuring and documenting, these little mistakes can lead to big losses of produce, time and money. Our range of table scales are ideal for weighing quantities of materials, such as mail, ingredients, jewellery, coins, laboratory substances or retail stock. Our table scales are perfect for delivery, mail and dispatch units, as well as factories and warehouses. Designed with smooth stainless steel and hardened plastic, they are also hygienic and easy to clean, and therefore perfect for labs, schools and even hospitals – anywhere that health and safety are top priority. A great addition to your professional catering supplies, our table scales can be used in all manner of restaurants, butchers, catering businesses and even home kitchens. They are not only lightweight and easy to install (battery operated), but are designed to be portable and suitable for use on any table surface. In our full range of industrial supplies, you’ll find tables scales with a maximum capacity of up to 1.5kg and an impressive accuracy of as little at 0.01g. Each of our table scales feature clear LCD/digital display unit, and host range of useful functions such a net weight and PCS function, and even a price calculating function on some models. In many of our table scales, you can also choose a variety of measurement units such as grams, ounces, carat, and pennyweight.

From little to large

- Precision scales for labs and testing facilities - Precision of 0.00g - Protective cylinder - Floor scales for heavy loads - Capacity of up to 5t - Winches for moving large and small vehicles

As well as table scales, the Expondo range features many more weighing and measuring devices from Steinberg Systems to help you with the biggest loads and the tiniest ingredients. Look no further than our full range of Industrial scales. Our precision scales are ideal for hospitals, labs, testing facilities and pharmaceuticals, offering an accuracy of as little as 0.001g. Many of these are not only ultra-precise but also feature a protective cylinder to guard your materials from any external particles, water, dust, or exposure. For bulky, heavy loads in factories, farms, warehouses, garages and construction, our floor scales are fit for the job. Our cheapest model of floor scale has a max capacity of 1,000g, and is designed with a broad weighing surface and a grooved floor to improve stability. These are ideal for weighing vehicle parts, construction materials and livestock. Our strongest floor scale has a capacity of up to 5t – for exceptionally heavy loads. For really heavy duty tasks such as road service responses and emergencies, look no further than our range of winches. In our professional tools range, you’ll find safe and sturdy off-road winches from MSW Motors suitable for moving and unsticking large debris and vehicles such as cars, motorbikes and trailers, whatever the weather. These can be mounted to almost any vehicle, using the installation materials included. Remember, whether you’re weighing tiny particles or shifting large materials, you’ll find the right tools for the job at Expondo.