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Track your weight with reliable body scales

Keeping track of your weight doesn’t always have to be such a heavy task. Our weight does not define the quality of our physical health, but nonetheless, it is important to keep an eye out for any fluctuating patterns. What better way to have peace of mind than with our new body scales from the measurement experts at Steinberg Systems. A useful tool for any home, gym, retailer, athlete or body builder for accurately calculating body weight and weighing a variety of other objects of up to 180kg.

Accuracy is key!

  • Accurately calculates body weight
  • Specific readings to 1 gram
  • Non-slip surface and rubber feet for stability
  • Calculates in kilograms, stone or pounds
  • Weighs objects up to 180kg

Accuracy is important, especially when it comes to our weight. Like many of our trustworthy floor scales for weight management, our body scales from Steinberg accurately calculate body weight in no time at all. They are so precise in fact, that within its load range of 2kg to 180kg, our body scales give specific readings within 1 gram – meaning that whether you are checking your weight before breakfast, trying to achieve your workout goals, or tracking your progress before the big race, you can trust that you are getting the exact weight readings that you need. These versatile body scales can also cater to your individual needs; you can weigh yourself using kilograms (kg), stone (st) or pounds (lb) by easily switching functions. There are in fact many reasons that our body scales are a trustworthy purchase – their sophisticated design features a unique non-slip surface and sturdy rubber feet, meaning you can relax in the knowledge that you have total stability while weighing yourself each day. Our dynamic body scales are not just for bodies either. You can effortlessly use them for weighing any type of goods or equipment with a weight of up to 180kg in your shop, gym or home. But if 180kg is not quite enough for your measurement needs, than we have plenty of alternatives for you; why not check out our range of industrial scales for warehouses, workshops and other establishments, which are built for larger, heavier goods and materials. Or take a gander at our impressive range of precision scales for a useful addition to your measuring equipment if you need precise readings for your ingredients or components – our cheapest precision scale is a customer favourite!

Weight a second!

  • Highly-visible LCD display
  • Battery powered
  • Energy-efficient
  • Pre-calibrated
  • Light and transportable

Like our wider range of reliable industrial equipment, our body scales are truly a product we can stand behind – or should we say on! Not only are they a dependable purchase, but they also boast an elegant design. With a huge LCD display, illuminated with background lighting, your weight readings are easily visible from where you stand, so no need to bend down or strain your eyes! The weighing surface of the body scale itself is made of very high-quality, shatterproof ABS plastic, making this product a resilient one to use in conjunction with any strength training equipment for your home, workout area or gym. Have even more peace of mind with the knowledge that our body scales are incredibly energy efficient. They have automated calibration and they switch off automatically after 30 seconds of no use – good news for the lifespan of the batteries, which are included with the purchase of this product! Our body scales even come pre-calibrated too, meaning you can whip it straight out of the box and start enjoying the benefits right away. And if all that wasn’t enough to convince you, our body scales are easily transportable and super light (weighing just 1.7kg in fact), so move them between your bedroom, bathroom or exercise area with total ease. While you’re here, why not check out our full Expondo catalogue, which features a wide variety of products for all your personal and professional needs – for example, start off with a visit to our sport equipment for schools and gyms to see what we’re talking about!