Crockery Cupboard

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What’s the secret to making the most of evening the most compact kitchen spaces? Unbeatable storage, of course! From adjustable shelves, efficient display units, and hardwearing worktops, we’ve got a wide range of stainless steel space-saving solutions from the cooking experts at Royal Catering. Their free-standing stainless steel crockery cupboard is an all-in-one device for storing everything from cutlery to kitchen furniture, helping you to you keep your cooking area clear while you work, and keeping your kitchen and staff organised at all times.

Choose a stainless-steel crockery cupboard, adjustable to your needs

Everything has its place • Adjustable shelves and legs • Easy to clean • 180cm height • Smooth sliding doors • Robust stainless steel • Cut down on clutter and hazards

Expondo's range of catering supplies is carefully selected to be effective across all kitchens, from small take-away outfits, to sprawling hotel kitchens, and everything in between. The freestanding standing crockery cupboard from Royal Catering is ideal for restaurants and food processing facilities, and also other industrial sectors such as labs, testing facilities, schools and clinics – any work environment where hygiene and organisation are key. Simply adjust as necessary to house your industrial and laboratory equipment or even power tools and craft supplies. It’s even handy for caterers working from one event to another, as a safe place to store the equipment you’re not taking with you. Our freestanding crockery cupboard features four individually adjustable shelves, so you can customise your unit to fit your needs. That means creating high spaces to store crockery, gadgets and furniture, as well as compact shelving space for ingredients and utensils, all while keeping everything highly visible and at arm’s reach. With four adjustable legs, you can finely tune your crockery cupboard to suit your kitchen’s dimensions. The lightweight crockery cupboard is built with hardwearing, stainless steel so heavy loads aren’t a burden. The stainless-steel structure is also easy to clean, helping you to maintain hygiene standards. The four robust sliding doors are mounted on smooth rolling wheels, guaranteeing easy opening and closing, and avoiding the hazard of swinging doors. Easy to install, each stainless-steel crockery cupboard comes with mounting materials as standard.

Choose a stainless-steel crockery cupboard, adjustable to your needs

• Mountable wall cupboards • Energy efficient cooling tables • Wide range of butchers equipment • Durable and easy to clean • Powerful mixers, mincers and food slicers

Our full range of stainless steel furniture features many more ingenious storage and preparation furniture to help you make the most of your kitchen space. Our stainless steel wall cupboards are a great solution for kitchens with limited worktop space. Make the most of your wall-space with these elegant, sliding door cupboards. No more reaching to high shelves or risking accidents caused by swinging doors. With these wide storage units, you can keep all of your ingredients at a reachable height without even impinging on floor-space. Not surprisingly, stainless steel is also an Expondo favourite with it comes to food preparation – our number one for its hygiene benefits and long-last durability. Check out our range of cooling tables to find out. Not only does the energy-saving cooling table offer you ample storage space for keeping drinks and ingredients cold, it also doubles up as a hardwearing work-surface for preparing meats, veggies, pizzas and more. In our full range of butchers equipment, you’ll see why stainless steel is also our number one when it comes to slicing, chopping, mixing, and mincing. Stainless steel is extremely durable, maintaining the sharp edge needed to slice cleanly through food. All of our food slicers, meat mincers, processors, and sausage-makers are fitted with stainless steel blades, with easy-to-dismantle parts that can be thoroughly cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher. Nothing says excellent kitchenware than a combination of great hygiene and results, so whether you’re looking for a storage solution or a slicing gadget, make sure you keep a sharp eye out for stainless steel!