Food Processors

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Food Processors from Royal Catering are versatile devices to prepare a whole range of dishes. These easy to use handy units blend seamlessly into your kitchen with classy yet subtle designs. Easy to clean and high-quality materials are selected to allow you to hygienically mince meat or prepare vegetables and hearty soups. Alongside food slicers and sausage clippers, food blenders are essential tools to have in professional environments, such as your restaurant or canteen.

Whip up tasty dishes for your customers or family and friends at home with ease

• High-quality materials to ensure high processing standard • Hygienic standards are met with easy to clean material • Variety of sizes to fit your individual needs • Easy to use features to save you time and prevent stress • Prepare a whole range of tasty meals

These units from Royal Catering’s butchers’ equipment ensure that you can finally process with high quality. The units consist of high-quality and sturdy materials, including stainless steel and aluminium. Thanks to high performing blades, you can efficiently and quickly blend, mix and cut a high range of meals. As you can confidently blend, mix, grind and cut meals with a food processing device, it is important that the finished product is safe for your customers. Such is also the case with a bain-marie for example, optimal hygienic standards are ensured corresponding to the use of high quality materials. As chosen materials are easy to clean, rigorous safety and hygienic standards that are applied. This is also the case with expondo’s professional tools and industrial equipment as you are guaranteed high quality and hygienic products. No matter the amount of food you want to prepare – you have the choice of a variety of sizes to allow you to prepare small soups at home or mince meat for your customers in your business. Not only is a food processor of a particularly high quality and come in various sizes to suit your individual needs – intuitive features are included which could not be any simpler to use. Simply control and adjust blade speed fitting to your meal as simple layouts and clearly marked functions prevents stress, therefore allowing you to efficiently blend and mix food. Prepare soups, minced meat, a wide variety of vegetables and easily create your own recipes.

Impress customers as well as family and friends with a cutting edge food processor

• Outstanding equipment for restaurants, canteens and catering events • Create dynamic and various dishes • Round off your catering portfolio with specialist devices • Perfect for butchers and delicatessens

Alongside sturdy food processors, you can find great complementing equipment for your business, be it a restaurant or a catering company. Royal Catering’s product range includes a huge variety of commercial and personal gastronomy equipment to ensure that your service or events runs smoothly and efficiently. As a food processor is easy to use and have large capacities, you can finally treat your customers to your own recipes and creative meal ideas on a mass scale. Conjure up finely sliced potatoes and vegetables, minced meat and hearty soups and you will no doubt see your customers returning to your business in a hurry. If you own a butchers or delicatessen, you can complete your butchery equipment and complement your processing units with easy to use and fast meat mincers as well as sausage makers. Processing food units are considerably worthwhile investments as you can complement your existing equipment and make the most of large cooking areas to create more meals with greater ease yet less effort and stress. Save production costs and dazzle your customers, family and friends with unique home made recipes. With large food making capacities and corresponding efficient units to do the trick, your customers will return in no time as you will see an instant return on investment. Round off your kitchen equipment with an exciting food processor from expondo today!