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Sausage maker

From good old American-style hotdogs to spicy Spanish chorizo, sausages are a world renowned favourite for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Modern taste-buds are very eclectic when it comes to ordering sausages. That’s why it’s great to have the right catering equipment to create your own perfect blend of mincemeat, herbs and spices. A sausage maker is the perfect professional tool for experimenting with new flavours, and effortlessly whipping up a fresh batch of succulent sausages for today’s menu.

Sausage stuffer for sizzling on the pan!

The sausage maker from Royal Catering is the ideal tool for the quick and easy preparation of your very own sausage recipes. From traditional pork sausages, to rich and tender minced lamb or wild-boar, there is literally no end to the flavour combinations. For restaurants and cafes, a sausage maker is a great way to add a personalised touch to your daily menu. It’s also ideal for butchers, meat suppliers, and gourmet delis to get ahead of the supermarket competition, and draw in customers who want to impress their guests at home. For the fast preparation of homemade sausages in a professional and hygienic manner, our stainless steel sausage maker range is easy to use and suitable in any kitchen. Simply load the cylinder with mincemeat, and manually control the filling of each sausage using the ergonomic crank (suitable for both left and right-handed users). The sausage stuffer comes with a selection of filling tubes of 16, 22, 32 and 38 mm in diameter, so you can dictate the size and choose their style - maybe large italian sausages or with garlic?

Choose your sausage stuffer!

For excellent hygiene practice, the sausage stuffer can be quickly disassembled for easy cleaning of its stainless steel parts. For small kitchens with lower production needs, our space-saving vertical 3L sausage maker is ideal for creating smaller batches of fresh and wholesome sausages. And for busy butchers and meat suppliers, our 15L sausage maker offers fast production rates to meet your daily demands. Due to its intuitive design, our horizontal sausage maker is more suitable for working with coarser, firmer meats and can be operated at two separate speeds thanks to its two-gear system.

It’s time to meat your maker

For any chef looking to create their own homemade sausage recipes, stick to natural ingredients and avoid the various preservatives found in store-bought sausage, the sausage maker is the perfect kitchen helper. If you're looking for some advice, read our guide for making homemade sausages. For an extra professional touch to your sausage production, why not partner your sausage maker with one of our sausage clippers, ideal for smoothly and securely encasing each sausage. And to get creative with meats, spices, herbs and more, our full range of meat mincers features a selection of fully electronic devices to take the manual labour out of creating homemade sausages, patties and sheekh kebabs.

Make your own sausages with sausage stuffer

You’ll notice that when it comes to our kitchen devices, stainless steel is the standard. Stainless steel is a recurring favourite here at Expondo, from our craft supplies for electricians and welders, to our range of industrial equipment. Its hardwearing nature makes it long-lasting and hygienic, giving you years of return on investment. When it comes to the sausage maker range, or any devices used to handle raw meat, we apply the same professional standards. In our range of butchers equipment, you’ll find plenty more examples of hygienic stainless steel kitchen helpers, from our food slicers for creating deliciously smoked cold cuts, to our heavy-duty band saw; strong enough to cut through bone and frozen meat. Whether you’re serving up sausages, burgers or steaks, stay up to date with our new arrivals at Expondo for the latest stainless steel kitchen furnitures.