Meat Mincers

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Who knows what is in a standard deep-frozen burger? Actually, we’d rather not think about it... The only way to get top-quality mince, with the ingredients and flavours you desire, is to make it yourself. From burgers to sausages, stuffing to koftas, there are so many recipes made special with fresh mince – and with an automatic meat mincer, you avoid the tiring work required by most hand-cranked mincers. These gadgets are infinitely adaptable for all kinds of foods – even veggies!

Meat mincers make shop-bought mince a thing of the past

  • Guarantee the quality of your minced meat by doing it yourself
  • Save on time and energy with a range of add-on grinders
  • Choose from a variety of moncing plates to achieve different textures
  • Perfect for any butcher's shop or restaurant

Pre-minced meat may be convenient, but it has lots of downsides: it can spoil quickly, be very high in fat, be padded with water and preservatives, and often tends to be made of the lowest-grade cuts of meat. If you are running a restaurant, deli or butchers, you’ll want to use only the highest-quality ingredients, which is why it is always worth it to make your own mince. An industry-quality appliance such as this meat mincer is built to deal with anything – use it to make mince out of any meat you choose, from classics like pork and beef to more unusual meats such as venison or wild boar. Each meat mincer comes with different mincing plates for varying the coarseness of the grind, making it possible to create anything from rustic sausages to fine ragouts using freshly-made mince. This essential piece of catering equipment is a real must-have in any butcher’s, where minced meat can be processed into delicious and unique specialities or simply sold as-is for discerning customers who want to use quality meats in their own cooking. Herbs, spices and other flavourings can be added either prior to the grinding process or afterwards, allowing endless variety in the recipes you create – and with easy-clean features and quality stainless steel/aluminium construction, the meat mincer stays clean and hygienic. Restaurants and other professional caterers can create minced meat delicacies using cuts chosen by the chef themselves - and with optional add-on grinders for mincing and grating vegetables, this gadget can save a lot of effort and time in the kitchen! Whether you’re running a French bistro or a bustling barbecue joint, a professional meat mincer from expondo’s vast catalogue of cooking appliances and tradesmen’s tools is a wise investment.

Back to the grind – but this machine will do it for you

  • Maintain the consistency of your grinding by investing in an electric machine
  • Ergonomical design to ensure stability for reoccuring use
  • Range of products at every price to suit everyone from the enthusiastic cook to a professional restaurant
  • Check out our extensive range of Royal Catering products to maximise the potential of your culinary product!

An electric meat mincer saves you the effort and time of hand-mincing meats and produces a perfectly consistent, well-blended mix which you can cook with immediately - no extra blending or marinating required, unless of course that’s part of the recipe! Each mincer comes with rubber feet and simple controls for optimal stability and usability. We offer several different models of mincer suited to different budgets and client needs, so for example a small-scale gastropub or fast-food truck would find our simplest model of meat mincer well suited for a small menu. For butchers, gourmet food shops or even farms with on-site meat sales, a more robust and versatile beast is required, which is where our ‘expert’ meat mincer comes in; with a maximum capacity of 3 litres, this mincer is suited for intensive use and is extremely versatile. We source our mincers and accessories from trustworthy brands such as Royal Catering, to ensure long-lasting quality and to guarantee that all the accessories available for these appliances, from julienne peelers to cheese graters, are compatible and of equally high quality. And if you are as pleased with your mincer as we think you will be, you may wish to add a professional burger press to your catering kit – and perhaps even grill those fabulous gourmet burgers on a top-range barbeque!