Sausage Clipper

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Classic pork sausages will always be a favourite at the breakfast table. But for sausages that are a cut above the rest, and will truly impress your guests whether for breakfast, barbeques, roast dinners, or a hearty street-food snack, getting creative with your own original fillings are the best way to impress your guests. Ideal for butchers, restaurants and more, our sausage clipper from the meat experts at Royal Catering is a chef’s best friend for producing neat, deliciously filled homemade sausages.

Choose a sausage clipper to produce neatly packed homemade sausage recipes

  • Complement your butchery equipment range
  • Ergonomic design for optimal use
  • High-quality material
  • Hygienic as well as practical

Whether you work in the food industry or you’re simply a meat-enthusiast, a sausage clipper is a handy, intuitive tool for both professionals and home-users. The sausage clipper is the ideal device for butchers, delis, or farmer’s market sellers hoping to diversify their meat selection. For restaurants and cafés, it adds an original homemade touch to your menu. And what could be a more perfect gift for a home-barbeque lover, than a machine to produce their very own sausage recipes? Our simple, stainless steel sausage clipper is a quick, two-step device which allows you to fill, and then neatly encase and clip each sausage evenly. Begin by placing your sausage meat into the machine. The ergonomic lever allows you to regulate the pressure as you fill each sausage, so you can control the amount of meat per sausage at a pace that suits you. The sausage clipper can be used with both natural and artificial intestine and comes with 1000 aluminium clips as standard (further clips can be bought separately from our full range of butcher’s supplies. The broad frame of the machine is designed with robust stainless steel which is long-last and easy to clean. Stainless steel is a firm favourite at Expondo, not only for kitchenware, for also in our industrial supply range and our craft supply section – it is one of our top choices for safe, lasting, light-weight devices that give great results. Your sausage clipper can be easily dismantled for deep cleaning and easy storage. Its broad base means the sausage clipper remains firmly in place while you work, making this device safe to use even on awkward or slippery surfaces. This can also be bolted to your work surface for further stability.

Produce original sausages at home, to sell, or to serve

  • Prepare a wide range of meat
  • For perfect food, everytime
  • Versatile equipment
  • Professional workmanship

From burgers and sausages to chicken wings and kebabs, we’ve got plenty more ingenious devices for working with meat in our full range of catering supplies. Our selection of meat mincers is ideal for producing original burger, sausages and kofte recipes, as well as homemade mince for lasagne, moussakas and stuffed vegetable. Simply choose the size of meat grinder that fits your demand, and away you go. Remember, you can add herbs, spices, pulses, dried fruit, and vegetables to really diversify your mince recipes. As well as the sausage clipper, we also have a range of manual and electronic sausage makers, to produce an endless supply of these sizzling favourites. In our full range of stainless steel furniture, we also stock a wide selection of stainless steel work counters ideal for restaurants and butchers. These sturdy countertops are extremely robust and easy to sanitise, making them the perfect surface solution to maintain the important hygiene standard needed when working with meat. When it comes to cooking and serving these delicious home-made meat dishes, we’ve got a wide selection of griddles, grills and fryers in our full range of snack bar equipment, including our intuitive hot dog makers. So, from sausage clipper to service, the whole process is in your hands!