Sausage Cutter

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Succulent sausage meat can add heaps of flavour to many dishes. Whether you’re mastering the German art of currywurst or brewing up a smoky Hungarian goulash, sliced sausages can certainly pack a punch. A sausage cutter can save you the time of manually cutting each sausage, producing neat and consistent slices, and giving your dish that professional touch. Perfect for butchers, restaurants, fast food stalls and home chefs, our range of sausage cutters are at home in kitchens large and small.

A cut above the rest

There are many ways to slice a sausage, but the one that saves you time and energy is always the better option, especially in a busy kitchen. Like all our catering equipment, our range of sausage cutters are designed to suit kitchens of all varieties. Manufactured with a sturdy stainless steel body, and mounted on anti-slip suction pads, our manual sausage cutters maintain a firm hold to your kitchen surface, while you operate at your desired pace. Our cheapest manual sausage cutter features ten sharpened stainless steel knives, and produces even slices of 18mm – ideal for stews, casseroles and delicious skewers of spicy chorizo. And for higher production rates, our alternative manual sausage cutter from Royal Catering produces eleven even slices at 17.5mm each.

Our electric/automatized cutter from Bartscher is the next level up for chefs who need to produce high volumes perfectly sliced sausages in a hurry. The fully automated sausage cutter works at the flick of a switch, producing a range of slices from 35mm down to a delicate 5mm. These thinner slices can also make an excellent addition to pizzas, salads and pasta dishes. They are also great in deli-counters for producing creative sandwich fillings; and in butchers and charcuteries for trimming delicate samples of delicious cured meat. Operating the Bartscher Sausage Slicer is simple. Simply insert the sausage into the feeder, select your desired width using the up-and-down toggle, and activate by holding down the power switch until you’ve reached your desired quantity. All of our butcher’s equipment is designed to carry out tricky tasks for you, but with its sleek and minimal design, the sausage slicer leaves all of this to the imagination, and is a stylish addition to any modern kitchen.

Easy cleaning and dismantling of your sausage cutter

All of our industrial equipment is designed with safety in mind. Cutting each sausage by hand can not only consume time and workspace, but also comes with the usual risk of working with knives in a busy kitchen. With a sausage cutter, this risk is minimised. The extremely sharp knives are safely housed in a stainless steel casing. This can be easily dismantled into individual parts for cleaning or safe storage, helping you to maintain the highest professional health and safety standards. The Bartscher Sausage Slicer, made with chrome nickel steel, can also be dismantled for easy cleaning, and many of its part (including the knives and cover) are suitable to wash in the dishwasher.

Whether you choose the manual or electronic option, our sausage cutters are all lightweight for easy transport and storage. In our full range of stainless steel furniture, you can discover a dozens of great accessories for any butcher, chef or budding sausage connoisseur. Our sausage makers allow you to easily pack freshly minced meat to create your own original sausage recipes, and our sausage clippers allow you to evenly encase and clip each sausage, quickly and safely. For more inspiration on taking the time and effort out of creating delicious snacks and dishes, check out our full range of snack bar equipment. And for other upgrades, whether in the kitchen, the restaurant or even at home, our range of craft supplies have got you covered no-matter the task!