Sausage Stuffers

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The Royal Catering sausage stuffer is the perfect piece of equipment for creating a variety of professional sausages for your customers. Whether you are a farm shop supporting local farms by processing their hard work into delicious pork and apple sausages, or a restaurant offering up smoked chorizo in a broad bean stew or even a butcher creating fresh Cumberland sausages to sell alongside other cuts of meat, this device is made especially for you.

A sausage stuffer engineered for durability

This high-quality stainless steel construct by Royal Catering means they are worth the investment Just like the rest of our range of stainless steel furniture, this equipment is easy to maintain, durable and will remain free from corrosion - all of which are very important in a food processing environment. The superior level of hygiene guarantees the purity of all products produced. The fact that this machine uses mechanics, rather than electrics, means you won't have to deal with costly electrical repair bills. You also have full control over the speed at which the sausage meat enters the casing. Thanks to the robust two-speed gear mechanism, this device will be efficiently producing professional sausages throughout its long product life.

If you happen to be a butcher, do not forget to check out our large range of high-quality butcher’s equipment also available! Also check out our additional sausage preparation equipment, such as the sausage cutter and have a look also at our collection of catering equipment. It goes without saying that with all expondo products, nothing is an after-thought. This means each sausage stuffer is subject to the same high standard tests, as that of our complex electrical devices such as those from our craft supplies and industrial equipment to ensure our customer receives a high quality product.

Save space without compromising on productivity

Unlike traditional horizontal sausage stuffers, the vertical construction of this modern device is designed to take up less valuable surface space. Even with this space-saving change, the large capacity of the sausage stuffer still holds just as much meat as a horizontal device. This allows you to quickly work through large quantities of meat, without compromising on space. Whether you choose to go for the smaller 3L sausage stuffer, the larger 15L sausage stuffer, or any size in between, here at expondo we have a device with the capacity to meet each and every one of your needs. The modular design of these sausage stuffers is also beneficial in a number of ways. Sections of the device can be quickly disassembled, making cleaning an easy task and eliminating those 'hard to reach' trouble areas. Just as swiftly as it can be disassembled, it can be swiftly re-assembled. This ensures that little time is wasted whilst re-loading it with meat. Operating this device is an effortless one-man job that can also be used by either left or right-handers - a feature that Royal Catering has made sure not to overlook. Included in your delivery you will also find a selection of filling nozzles in various diameters 16, 22, 32 or 38 mm, allowing you to create a multitude of sausage thicknesses.

With Royal Catering, you will be sure to find a device suited perfectly to your business needs. Whether you go big, or small, choose Cumberland creation or black pudding, each sausage stuffer offers a long-lasting, professional quality that will not only save you time and space but increase your sales. All this at an affordable price that's not to be missed!