Infrared Paint Dryer

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We don’t want to bore you with jokes about ‘watching paint dry’, but let’s face it - it’s globally considered to be a pretty arduous way to spend your time. And when you’re on the clock with a job to do, time is something you just can spare. Our range of infrared paint dryers are crafted by MSW, experts in repairs, refurbishment and construction. From their impressive heat range to their reliable timing mechanisms, you’ll see why they’re our top choice for home DIY and professionals in garages, interior décor, and manufacturing.

Save time and get great results with an infrared paint dryer from MSW

• Suitable in homes, garages, sites • Lightweight and stable • Easy to use • Fixed timer or pulse setting • Works on a range of lacquers and paints • Digital remote with certain devices

At Expondo, we value great results and efficiency. When you’re working in a trade, time is of the essence. But that’s no reason to compromise on great results. With the MSW infrared paint dryer range, you are guaranteed to speed up production time without degrading your paint finish – in fact, you may see your results are improved. Our fast-acting infrared paint dryers from our range of professional tools are suitable across a range of professional fields, such as carpentry, décor, repairs and even graffiti and art. They are also suitable in garages for painting cars and other vehicles. Safe and easy to operate, even home DYI enthusiasts will save time with an infrared paint dryer. Minimise time between coats, and get your place looking spic-and-span in a fraction of the time. For professionals, it’s a great way to give your customers the most efficient service possible. Each high-powered infrared paint dryer is suitable across a wide range of paints and surfaces, on lacquers, dry resins, filler materials and inks. Compared to other lamp options, an infrared paint dryer is more efficient to run and better at preventing bubbles forming on the material surface. Its stable, lightweight steel structure with built-in brakes makes it easy to move – perfect if you’re setting up from job to job. Available in various sizes, each infrared paint dryer can be adjusted to the necessary height, and timed to operate from 1-60 or 99 minutes, depending on your chosen model. Our best value infrared paint dryer features one heating lamp, and is ideal for smaller surface areas, covering a drying surface of 500x800mm. Our largest, most powerful infrared paint dryer is fitted with three lamps and can be dynamically used thanks to its digital remote and pulse function.

Kitting out your business

• Garage equipment for repairs and examination • Sturdy lift tables • Portable engine stands and transmission jacks • Safe and sturdy welders • Garage doors for all businesses • Protect from theft and damage

The Expondo range of garage equipment caters to more than just vehicle aesthetics. Our range of lifts and power tools are ideal for use in home garages, professional auto-services, and even farms and factories. In our wide range of lifting equipment, you’ll find sturdy lift tables with capacities of up to 450kg, and a range of engine stands and transmission jacks to provide safety and stability throughout lengthy repairs. In our full range of welders, you’ll find handheld and wheeled units suitable for a wide range of welding types, including automotive repairs and construction. Choose from MIG/MAG, ARC, TIG, and combined welders, all built to impeccable safety and durability standards by MSW. Our welders produce clean and strong joins and are designed with excellent ergonomics, so you can operate your device with comfort and precision without risk of strain or discomfort. Don’t forget we also stock a range of welding accessories and safety equipment. An important addition to your garage is a reliable garage door. Our range of garage doors protect your business from theft and environmental hazards, as well as cancelling noise pollution. Our secure doors are also suitable for factories and labs to store your industrial equipment, and warehouses to protect retail stock, deliveries, catering equipment and more. Wherever you work, safety comes first.