Mechanic Tool Set

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If you’ve been a gearhead your whole life or just starting to get a feel for what’s under the hood of a car, our mechanic tool sets will definitely be what you’re looking for in order to meet your automotive needs. Our garage tool sets will tighten or loosen any nuts or bolts that need your attention. Our garage tools are crafted by MSW, a quality brand that you can trust to get the job done safely, time and again. Shopping at Expondo, you’ll always be able to find your professional tools for your work projects in the garage, and they’ll be ready to take on heavy duty tasks, over and over again.

Shop quality mechanic tool sets for every garage.

- Crafted from high-quality steel and chrome, so they’ll last. - Great for the professional garage or repair shop. - Convenient cases to keep everything in order. - Essential for any maintenance and repair.

Here at Expondo, we trust the mechanics experts at MSW to create high quality, lasting equipment for your garage. All the components in these mechanic tool sets are made of high-quality steel and chrome, making them extremely durable and long lasting. All the pieces are stored in a plastic case that is great for storage and transport. So, when you and your buddy are working on your cars or motorcycles, it’s easy to throw in the boot or storage and bring over for a few hours of work in the driveway. These mechanic tool sets are meant to be durable and great for any of the parts with a nut or bolt on them that need to be replaced or upgraded on your vehicle. And for the hard to reach screws, you can have a look at our 3 in 1 spline socket set. There’s something exhilarating about getting under the hood and taking control of the machine’s inner workings and getting to know how all these components work together. For the mechanic to the DIYers, a quality mechanic tool set will be a must before you start doing any work. Once you get in there and start looking at the engine, you’ll definitely need to have a look at our engine stands, also found in our range of garage equipment. And if price is something your significant other would appreciate keeping in mind for your budding hobby, we also have our cheapest engine stand for you! Once you start working with our mechanic tool sets, you’ll start thinking about all those other parts that need some love and affection too!

These mechanic tool sets are not just for the professionals!

- As long as you’ve got the knack for engines and upgrades, we’ve got the tools. - Perfect for the ambitious hobbyists and craftsman alike. - Necessary for making the adjustments for maximum performance. - Think of the money you’ll save doing this work yourself!

For those DIYers that found us through our extensive catering equipment offerings, or the hardcore workers looking for our professional level industrial equipment, you’re always going to be able to find the necessary tools here to get the job or project done. And it doesn’t just have to be working on the car in the garage with our mechanic tool sets. You’ll be able to undertake any automotive project you could possibly dream up, and you can rest assured you can find just what you need, just a click away. And if you’re trying to move a bunch of metal around for these big projects, you’ll want to have a look at our lifting magnets that are ready for a variety of different weights and loads. The big dreams can become reality if you get the proper equipment to make them happen! So, if you want to get your adjustments in order first, pick up our mechanic tool sets and get started! Then all the rest of your automotive to-do list items can start getting checked off the list. So, get out there and get going!