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When it comes to repairing and maintain vehicles, there are a thousand tiny parts of to think about. To make sure your work is effective and long-lasting, all adjusting and disassembling needs to be done accurately and with care. Whether you’re removing ball joints, diesel injectors, support joints, inner bearings, wipers, battery terminals and or other small elements, don’t trust an everyday hammer to do the job of our professional puller tools. Our range of puller sets are designed by the garage experts at MSW and suitable for professionals working in garages, workshops and the agricultural sector - they’re even suitable for beginners.

Discover our range of puller tools for mechanics and home garages

- A wide range of sets and accessories - Suitable for garages, farms, home use - Safely remove small parts without damage - Handy tool cases - Built with hardwearing materials - Lightweight and compact

MSW are our top choice at Expondo when it comes to our range of garage and mechanics tools as well as power tools and more. Our selection of puller tools and accessories are designed by the global experts at MSW, and are suitable for professionals working in garages, workshops, and the agricultural sector, as well as being a great addition to your home garage. MSW puller tools are specifically designed for the disassembly and adjustment of individual automobile parts such as ball joints, diesel injectors, support joints and more. With a wide range of sets and accessories to choose from, you can choose the combination that works for you and your daily tasks. Using fit-for-purpose puller tools means that your disassembly is done quickly and accurately, using little energy and saving time. As well as this, it minimises any possible damage to the individual parts and the surrounding surface - Not like the risky job of removing parts using generic hammers, wrenches and chisels. As well as our puller tools sets, we also stock ball joint pullers and wiper arm pullers, individually. The MSW puller tool sets are compact, lightweight and easy to transport and store. As well as this, each set features specific compartments to keep your tools organised. Like all MSW tools, our puller tools are crafted with hardwearing, long-lasting materials to give you years of return on investment, even throughout heavy duty use. Not only are many of our puller tools are adjustable to fit common car parts, they can also be used on most common vehicles including cars, motorbikes, trailers and farm equipment.

More tools for your garage and on the road

- Wide range of lifting devices - Ample workspace during repairs - Safe and sturdy - Transmission jacks for tyre changes and repairs - Brake capiler tools for common car types - Infrared paint dryers to speed up paint jobs

The Expondo range of garage tools doesn’t stop there! As well as puller tools, we have a huge selection of heavy duty tools to help you out in the garage, roadside assistance and even on the farm. In our full range of lifting equipment you’ll find safe and sturdy lifting solutions such as engine stands, motorcycle lifts and mobile lift tables with the capacity to lift common vehicle parts, engines, bikes and even full-sized motorcycles. Whether you’re carrying out a simple tyre change, engine and floor repairs, or removing an entire transmission, a reliable transmission jack is a staple for any mechanic to give you piece of mind while you work. Our cheapest transmission jack has a capacity of up to 500kg in weight, ideal for vehicles such as cars and small vans. The jack allows for ample workspace with a rise of up to 180cm off the ground. Of course, the height and angle of the support is can be adjusted safely and without difficulty using the hand-lever. The jack’s low centre of gravity and weight distribution means you can always rely on its stable hold. Next in our range of garage equipment are our brake caliper tools. Made of chrome vanadium steel, our brake caliper toolsets specifically designed for repairing brake pistons from common car brands, and allow you to work on not only rear brakes, but front ones as well. For shaping and sanding rounded metal object such as pipes and car parts, our pipe belt sanders give you the power and flexibility you need. As well as quality results, there’s no better way to impress your customers than by getting the job done at top speed! Our infrared paint dryers will quickly speed up the turnaround time of paint, customisation and repair jobs, giving you an even finish while minimising air bubbles and imperfections. Before you go, don’t forget get we also stock a wide range of professional and home kitchen supplies as well as industrial equipment for labs, schools and testing facilities. Wherever you work, we’ve got you covered!