Clutch Alignment Tool

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If you’re trying to assemble, disassemble, or adjust your clutch, our clutch alignment tools will definitely be what you’re looking for. Clutch alignment tools will also be able to do all the work you need in order to assemble or disassemble SAC clutches. Our clutch alignment tools are provided by MSW, a quality brand that you can trust to get the job done safely and repeatedly. Shopping at Expondo, you’ll always be able to find your professional tools for your work projects in the garage, and they’ll be ready to take a beating over and over again. So, why not start under the hood of your car?

Strong and reliable garage equipment for your home or business

Our range of garage equipment from MSW features versatile, heavy-duty lifting solutions, for mechanics, automotive dealers, and home garages. With a lifting capacity of up to 1000kg, our garage equipment can even be used to for lifting massive engines and trailers, on agricultural or construction sites. For transport and road-service professionals, the garage equipment from our range of craft supplies is ideal for a wide range of mechanical tasks from simple tyre-changes to lengthy engine repairs. Despite the name, our garage equipment is not simply for indoor use – it will help out on site, or on the road! With our best value lift table, with a capacity of 135kg, broad stage, and locking mechanism, your vehicle is kept sturdy and secure while you work. The adjustable machine offers you great visibility when repairing bikes and motorbikes in a wide range of sizes. The strongest device in our range of lift tables is even suitable for working with large, four-wheel bikes. Work comfortably and efficiently by adjusting your vehicle to the ideal work height. The ergonomic foot crank allows you to adjust the table while keeping your hands free for other operations. In our garage equipment range, you’ll also find our robust engine stands. With an impressive load-capacity of 900kg, our cheapest engine stand ensures that the removal of engines and transmissions is a safe and stress-free task. Our engine stands are wheeled for easy transport, and can be rotated 360 degrees, so you can adjust your device to work in maximum comfort.

Garage equipment for safely working with heavy vehicles and mechanical parts

Next in our range of garage equipment is our selection of powerful transmission jacks. These compact, versatile devices are any driver’s best friend for carrying out tyre changes on cars, vans and even trucks, depending on your choice of jack. Our cheapest transmission jack with a lifting capacity of 500kg, is ideal for working with cars and small vans. With a low centre of gravity and broad stable design, use the ergonomic crank to raise your vehicle up to 180cm off the ground, and carry out your repair with comfort and ease. We’ve got a wide range of jacks in our selection of garage equipment, reaching a capacity of up to 1000kg – so whatever you drive, home and roadside repairs have never been easier. For the home enthusiast, a jack is a great basic tool to add to your garage equipment, to save you money on expensive professional repairs and call-outs. The Expondo range of garage equipment goes beyond vehicles and engines. For safe and efficient lifting of heavy objects from 30 to 1000kg, look no further than our wide range of lifting magnets. Safely lift and manoeuvre awkward, heavy objects at your own controlled pace. Our lifting magnets also minimise the need for awkward chains and hooks, and require no electricity. Suitable across a huge range of business, a lifting magnet can even be a useful addition to your catering supplies or your industrial equipment for labs or factories.