Vehicle Battery Charger

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All drivers know there’s nothing worse than getting caught out with a dead battery and no way to give it the simple jump-start it needs. The two minute task can save you hours of waiting around unable to reach your destination. That’s why a vehicle battery charger is an essential piece of kit for all motoring professionals from mechanics, emergency roadside services and garage owners, to car dealerships, as well as those of you who rely on a car, van, truck or tractor for your day-to-day jobs. Discover the full range of the motoring experts at MSW and give your garage equipment the jump-start it needs today.

Power up cars and more with a new vehicle battery charger

• Essential tool for garages • Great for farmers, delivery and ambulance drivers • Suitable for cars, motorcycles and more • Lightweight and compact • Wheeled for easy transport • Power of up to 100 amps

As we said before, a vehicle battery charger is not just essential garage equipment for mechanics, but for every driver that relies on their vehicle whether it’s daily or for occasional trips. Don’t get caught out! Our vehicle battery chargers can be used for delivery vans, ambulances, agricultural vehicles or even just the family car. If this sound like you, be sure to add a vehicle battery charger to your essential professional tools today. We stock a wide choice of vehicle car batteries in the Expondo range, depending on your power needs. Each device operates by jump-starting vehicle batteries: whether it’s a motorcycle, car or another vehicle type – the principal is the same! Choose from a wide range of power supplies, with our most powerful charger reaching an impressive high current of up to 100 amps (arithmetic). Our vehicle battery chargers are intuitive to use, and reach the desired charge quickly, helping you to get back on the road in no time. The design of our vehicles battery chargers are especially practical. Of course it can be used and stored easily in your garage or motor-shop, but your device can also be transport easily for call-outs. The compact design, light weight and two sturdy wheels means you can easily roll the device from one job to the next. The long cables (up to 2m) give you extra flexibility to reach the engine. Your new vehicle battery charger is also designed with special pockets for stowing the long charging cable. No more rummaging around looking for tangled up power cables!

More garage gadgets

• Timer allows use of 60mins • Overheat protection • LED display • Compatible with different battery types

The vehicle battery charger has a timer with a time range of up to 60 minutes for quick-charging. You can charge an empty battery in just one hour. The timer allows you to take care of other tasks until the charging is completed. The device will turn off automatically after 60 minutes, so that you can leave it unattended. And due to the cooling system, which is equipped with two fans and cooling slots, you can use the device for hours without the risk of overheating. For even easier use, some devices are fitted with LED display. So go ahead! Find the suitable charger for your battery type today and don’t miss another jump start! We’ve got plenty more ways to kit out your garage at Expondo. For shaping curved metal parts or smoothing out damages and repairs, take a look at our convenient pip belt sander! Getting below deck to examine engines and other mechanisms has never been easier with our range of lifting equipment. Here, you’ll find a selection of transmission jacks, including our cheapest transmission jack with an impressive lifting capacity of 500kg. Responsive brakes are an vital feature in any vehicle. In our range of brake caliper tools, you’ll find everything you need to repair brakes and keeping you customers’ cars and roads as safe as possible. And last but not least in our range of garage essentials, those of you working in upgrades and customization or simply tidying up after a bit of damage-repair will have to check out our range of infrared paint dryers which supply the perfect balance of heated air to help paint to dry quickly, evenly, and without streaks or bubbles. Don’t forget the Expondo range goes far beyond cars and garages. While you’re here, take a look at our award winning range of catering supplies or our industrial supplies for labs, schools and factories.