Plate warmer

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Even the most delicious meal can be ruined by being served on cold plates. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or running a restaurant, taking the time to serve onto hot plates is always worth it. It keeps the food hot for longer, keeps sauces glossy and silky, and makes a great impression. From our large plate warmers, which are ideal for professional catering suites, to our compact model for smaller kitchens and home use, this range of quality plate warmers let you give every meal that extra boost.

A good plate warmer saves trouble and time

Rather than waste oven space on stacks of plates, a professional plate warmer is the ideal way to keep plates at optimal temperature. Like all of our catering and industrial appliances, as well as our craft supplies, our plate warmers are designed to withstand all the stresses and high demands of professionals. With models that can hold up to 120 plates, even the largest canteens and restaurants can keep up with demand in a space-efficient way.

Of course, a plate warmer is also ideal for buffets or large events such as conferences, weddings and galas. If you’ve invested in professional food heating equipment, it would be a waste to serve the food onto cold crockery! If the guests will be serving themselves, we even offer a table-friendly design holding up to 40 plates, with a sleek look and a useful glass door so you can oversee whether the supply of plates needs to be restocked. When cooking for large groups of friends, a big family get-together or simply a busy household, the smallest in our catalogue holds 12 plates and is available at a very reasonable price. Have a look at our complete range of catering devices and enjoy professional equipment with an affordable price tag!

Hot plates, don’t wait

These chrome-plated, stainless steel plate warmers are designed and built by quality manufacturers Royal Catering to be easy to use and easier to clean. The temperature range runs from 65 to 110 degrees, depending on the model, ensuring that you can choose just the right level of heat for the dish you’re cooking. Hearty dishes like stews and fried foods benefit from a hotter plate, while delicate dishes like fish are often better on a mid-temperature plate. Whatever heat level you choose, temperature regulation is automatic and there is a useful heat indicator light on each model. Large-scale caterers may wish to combine one of these plate warmers with a top quality heated soup tureen or a professional grill for made-to-order food, done quickly and easily.

Just as hot food benefits from hot plates, hot drinks are best in a heated cup; for hotel breakfast buffets, conference catering or any coffee break, our hot drinks dispensers pair perfectly with our cup warmers. And our smaller models are light enough to be transportable, making them ideal for events where equipment is not provided. Don’t spoil your fantastic food by letting it go cold and unappetising. With a plate warmer the food stays piping hot and your guests know they’re getting the best. This one simple touch goes a long way to providing premium service to your customers or guests, and it works well for so many different types of food, from soups to fajitas to stir fries!