Soup Warmer

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Is there a worse cliché than serving up cold soup? It’s a classic scene we’ve watched in dozens of comedy sketches but not one that you want to repeat with your customers! That’s why a quality soup warmer is crucial to any well stocked restaurant. Ideal for cafés, bars, food stalls, and cafeterias, our soup pots are also a versatile and reliable way to keep your hungry customers satisfied and cosy, especially in the winter months.

A well-stocked kitchen!

From creamy chowders, to bisques, broths, and chunky vegetables in steaming stock, soups are a staple feature on any entrée menu. And when the cold season hits, lunch and dinner menus are emblazoned with more and more delicious soup options, to tantalise passers-by from the cold. Having a dependable soup warmer in your catering equipment is the best way to ensure that each bowl is as steaming as the last. For compact kitchen spaces and food stalls, our cheapest soup dispenser (1 hot pot, 3,5L) is perfect for confined space, while our soup dispenser with 4 hot pots will allow to show off your full range of flavours even at the most sprawling catering event.

In our full range of heating equipment, we also stock two-pot and three-pot options, as well as additional hotpots (sold separately) with a volume choice of 3.5L or 6.5L. Each stainless steel pot comes with a specially adapted lid to protect each dish and lock in every flavour. And with separate temperature controls for each pot (up to 98 degrees C), our soup warmers uses the bain-marie technique to allow you to maintain the perfect temperature for each individual dish. Despite the name, our warmer are not only designed for soup. This versatile equipment can also be used for serving hot stews and chillies, as well as hot beverages such as mulled wine and spiced apple cider – perfect for catering at Christmas parties and festive markets.

A quality soup warmer means quality soup

Like all our culinary and industrial equipment, our soup warmers are designed using durable materials. The sturdy base and pots are made of quality stainless steel making them lasting and easy to clean. All of our craft supplies are manufactured with your workspace in mind. With a range of light-weight options, from 3-11kg, transporting and storing our soup warmers is easy too! And with each model fixed with anti-slip feet, the soup warmer remains firmly placed and easy to operate, even in the most chaotic of kitchens! With clearly labelled temperature gauges, and illuminated power indicators, our soup warmers allow you to focus on the main course without worrying about an over or under-heated starter!

Whether it’s paired with a crusty loaf, sprinkled with crumbly cheddar or topped with crunchy croutons, each bowl can be served on time and at the perfect temperature with this soup warmer. Our heating supplies are not only reserved for soups. For other hot dishes such as meats, puddings, and mashed potatoes our bain marie options come in a wide range of sizes to fit the humblest of food stalls or even grand carvery spreads. In our full range of snack bar equipment, we also have great heating options for serving up teas, coffees and other hot beverages. Our hot chocolate dispensers feature a mixer and drip pan for serving up delicious cups of chocolatey goodness, with none of the mess. And our chocolate melting pots are a great option for dessert counters or weddings, for serving up gooey chocolate fudge cakes and perfectly topped ice cream sundaes! Whether it’s blended creamy potatoes or packed with delicious dumplings, soup is a staple dish in kitchens around the world. Unless you’re serving up gazpacho, let’s be sure that every bowl is piping hot!