Bain Marie

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There are countless reasons why keeping hot food at a consistent high temperature is a vital part of any culinary operation, whether professional or private, small-scale or large. Compromising on temperature not only degrades the taste and appearance of your dishes but can also be detrimental to your restaurant’s health and safety standards. With the Expondo range of bain marie, you can keep multiple hot dishes fresh and steaming throughout your dining service.

We’ve got the right temperature!

The historic bain marie technique (literally translated as Mary’s bath!) of is attributed to ancient alchemists and chefs from centuries past. However, the age-old system of using near-boiling water to gently heat and maintain the temperature of hot food is still alive and kicking in modern kitchens. Our selection of bain marie, from trusted brands such as Royal Catering, features a wide range of sizes. Whether you work behind the swinging doors of a large fine-dining restaurant, in a cosy café, or even serving crowds face-to-face at a hot buffet counter, we’ve got the right size of bain marie for you! We’ve even got bain marie options which are suitable for home-use, so your guests surely be impressed at your next dinner party. For large kitchens with a varied selection of hot dishes, our nine-container model is ideal, for keeping various ingredients and sauces up to temperature. For open delis and cafes, our open units with a robust glass shield provide the perfect combination of heating and elegant display, so you can show off your colourful dishes without compromising on taste. For street-food professionals and mobile caterers, our free-standing hotpots are powerful, lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and fitting easily into your kitchen space. Our range of chafing dishes are another great option for upgrading your food-heating supplies without making any changes to your kitchen furniture – simply plug in or pack away as you wish! And in our selection of versatile soup warmers – perfect for soups, stews, sauces and even hot drinks – you can choose models with up to four units, each with an individual temperature dial to suit the dish in question.

Combine ancient and modern techniques

The ancient Greeks may have trusted the bain marie technique, but we know that when it comes to upgrading your catering equipment, you want to be confident that every purchase meets modern professional standards. Whether you’re considering kitchen supplies, choosing industrial equipment or even investing in craft supplies, there are a number of factors to consider from safety and efficiency, to return on investment. Our bain marie are made of sturdy materials such as chrome-plated steel and stainless steel. As with our full range of stainless steel furniture, this means that they are long-lasting and resistant to damage and corrosion. To maximise on health and safety, these smooth exteriors are easy to clean and sanitise. With an intuitive water draining system, clean-up time is even further reduced. Despite their hard-wearing nature, our stainless steel bain marie are surprisingly lightweight making them easy to transport and pack away. For even more versatile heating options, our selection of food warmers also features a powerful ceramics radiant heater from Bartscher. When considering the challenge of temperature maintenance even your plates and cups can help to give hot dishes and drinks and extra lift. With our plate warmers in various sizes, you can guarantee you’re putting your best foot forward with every dish. Temperature control is vital in every kitchen, from cooking, to storage to service. With our wide range of heating equipment you can be confident that every dish gets a glowing reception.