Chocolate Fountain

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Whether you are a professional caterer serving the masses at weddings and celebrations, or you’re a home-chef looking to add an extra splash of indulgence to your next party, a chocolate fountain from the food experts at Royal Catering and Bartscher is a fantastic addition to special occasions, large and small. Built with hardwearing, easy-to clean materials, these party favourites are designed to be long-lasting and give you years of return and investment and unforgettable party memories.

Choose a chocolate fountain to add a touch of magic to any occasion

• Continuous flow of melted chocolate • Private or commercial use • Perfect for events / self service • Choice of capacities • Easy to clean • Lightweight and hardwearing

Add an irresistible air of spectacle to your next service, with a multi-tiered chocolate fountain from our range of catering supplies. Each designed to melt a delicious, continuous flow of chocolate for dipping sweet treats of every kind, you can customise every service with your guests’ favourites, such as strawberries, pineapple, marshmallows, rocky-road and mini-meringues. That’s just to name a few – the combinations are endless. What’s more, you can even use your chocolate fountain with any number of chocolate concoctions – milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and more! A lightweight chocolate fountain is perfect for professional caterers at weddings, anniversaries, and more. But they are also a great addition to any traditional restaurants, to add a surprising touch of spectacle to your dessert menu. Private users will love an easy-to-use chocolate fountain for their next birthday party, family get-together or even office party. Even funfair and market stall operators will find these fun-filled fountains to be an eye-catching addition to their market stall equipment. In our chocolate fountain range, you’ll find a range of capacities to choose from, with devices fitted with three, four, and five tiers. Each chocolate fountain is elegantly designed, creating an irresistible continuous flow of chocolate for your guests – the perfect centrepiece to any buffet table. With powers of between 1000 and 1200 W, you can set your chocolate fountain to a temperature of up to 90 degrees Celsius, ensuring that the chocolate stays the perfect temperature and consistency, even throughout a long service. Each chocolate fountain is surprisingly lightweight, easy to set-up, and of course, quick and easy to dismantle and transport – perfect for busy caters working from one event to the next - as well being great for complementing popcorn machines.

More ways to delight your guests

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Adding a special touch to parties, funfairs and events is about more than just great tasting food. It’s all about that extra touch of spectacle and showmanship. With a chocolate fountain you get that, along with the added bonus of allowing your guests to serve themselves. That’s interactive dessert at its best! In our range of market stall equipment, we’ve got many more spectacular food options to grab your guests’ attention. Just check out our range of popcorn makers, candy-floss machines, and crepe pans to find out for yourself. If it’s chilled beverages you’re serving, why not check out our range of milkshake makers, not only perfect for milkshakes, but also smoothies, juices and cocktails. Our full range of beverage dispensers features a host of great devices for market stalls, restaurants, events and office kitchens. From samovars and percolators to hot chocolate dispensers and mulled wine pots, we’ve got you covered for every event and every season. And to ensure that your hot drinks are served at the perfect temperature, why not pair your hot drinks dispenser with one of our stainless steel cup warmers? At the end of the day – nobody enjoys a hot dish or drink that’s served lukewarm. That’s why we also have a wide range of food warmers, ideal for keeping large batches of food up to temperature, even throughout lengthy services. For all your business needs outside of the kitchen, remember to check out our wide range of professional tools and industrial equipment for labs, factories and more.