Chafing Dish

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One of the real icons of 80’s home cocktail parties, chafing dishes are more than just a way to keep your pigs in blankets warm! These professional-quality chafing dishes are the best way to serve any heated dishes, whether at home, as part of a catered buffet, at a large-scale event or even a work canteen. Any professional catering operation will depend on top-range food warming equipment such as these to ensure that the food stays hot, hygienic and tasty.

From spring rolls to stews, keep it hot

At any buffet, self-serve establishment or cafeteria-style food service, large chafing dishes are truly an essential appliance. These chafing dishes from trusted catering suppliers expondo are extremely high-quality, with stainless steel construction for a professional appearance and easy cleaning. These appliances keep the food at a constant, even temperature which you set using the controls to define the optimum temperature for that specific dish. Thanks to the lid, the food does not dry out or oxidise, but rather stays warm and moist over several hours if necessary. Perfect for so many different types of food, including casseroles, rice dishes, finger food and even warm desserts, these electrically heated dishes allow you to offer a truly tempting range of food. The sleek designs, by manufacturers Royal Catering, mean that the dishes can be displayed as part of a self-service meal and keep the whole spread looking fresh and tempting. A comprehensive kit of food warming appliances, including a few of these dishes and some other useful additions such as electric bain maries, is extremely useful for caterers providing meal services to large events such as weddings, conferences or corporate get-togethers, where your clients expect delicious hot meals for large numbers of people. These appliances are also perfectly suited for hotel breakfast services – helping you ensure that your guests enjoy bottomless bacon and eggs every morning! For all-you-can-eat brunches, workplace cafés and even private individuals who love hosting parties with their friends, these chafing dishes are an ideal solution.

Chafing dishes help you offer a smorgasbord of hot foods

Our range of chafing dishes features different styles and sizes, meaning that you can find a dish to suit the type and quantity of each recipe you will be serving. Our smallest model of chafing dish holds 8 litres and saves countertop space for smaller-scale operations, while our premium chafing dish is high-powered (with a 1600 watt power level) and holds over 13 litres. Each dish is easy to use and the corrosion-proof materials mean that they can stand up to even the most acidic or staining foods, from tomato sauce to turmeric. The temperature controls allow you to select the perfect heat level for that particular food and keep it at the right temperature as long as you need, while the heating indicator helps you keep tabs on when the chafing dish is on, for safe use. Using the same quality automated technology, we also offer a range of quality plate warmers to help keep the food hot even after it has been served. Furthermore, all our catering equipment is designed and tested to hold up the same high standards for robustness and reliability which we aim for with our industrial appliances and craftsmen’s tools. We even offer professional-quality stainless steel kitchen furniture for chefs and caterers who use our heating appliances on their serving counter and want the same level of excellent equipment inside their kitchen.