Warming Trays

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Warming trays are an essential piece of catering equipment. They are used for keeping freshly prepared food warm - also know as hot holding - thereby safely and legally prolonging the serving life of your dishes. They are well suited to a variety of catering environments and are particularly useful for hotels or restaurants offering warm buffets to their guests, as well as caterers or restaurateur’s who are preparing food for large events such as weddings, business conferences, and parties.

Put health, safety and flavour first

  • Keep soups, meat and sauces hot
  • Ensure optimal warming temperature
  • Combinable
  • Optimise your customers' dining experience

Warm dishes such as soups, pre-prepared meals and meats dishes with a gravy or sauce benefit greatly from being placed on a warming tray. Whereas the sauce or soup was previously at risk of congealing, cooling too quickly and needing to be reheated, a warming tray ensures that the depth of flavour remains and that the food is kept consistently warm at the serving temperature of your preference, so long as it is above the legal minimum of 63°C. Like bain maries, warming trays help you effortlessly adhere to health and safety standards, ensuring your customer's health and happiness. They also reduce levels of food waste, thereby saving your business money.

Our warming trays are equally practical for using in the kitchen to preserve the warmth of things such as sauces, which can be put aside, whilst you take the time to finish preparing the rest of the meal. Another great use for a warming tray is to combine it with an infrared food warmer, a device you'll find listed in our complete range of heating equipment. By combining the two hot holding devices, you can create a small-scale restaurant pass - the place where freshly cooked food is given its finishing touches, quality controlled and passed over from chefs to waiting staff. To compliment your warm food, hot drink options like tea and coffee are always welcome at a buffet. Make it easy for guests to serve themselves and save money on service craft, by getting your hands on a beverage dispenser. Elevate your customers dining experience, with the help of a handy cup warmer and place pre-warmed cups next to your beverage dispenser.

Take full control of your warming tray

  • Easily transportable designs
  • Strong and stable on every surface
  • Easily select your desired temperature
  • Great materials to ensure optimal durability and reliability

Our food warming units have been specially selected due to their high level of engineering that helps them to function precisely and efficiently, just like the craft supplies and industrial equipment we offer. Despite the premium quality, each device is designed to be easily transportable and weighs between 3-5 kg. Our Bartscher model with handles is even easier to transport around the kitchen and to the buffet table. Rubber feet keeps your device sturdy and stable, no matter what surface it is resting upon.

A large flat surface of approximately 60 by 25 (depending on device chosen) allows you to keep several dishes warm at the same time. Appropriately sized gastro norm (GN) trays can also be used in combination with the food warming devices to keep larger volumes of sauce-based dishes warm. And after a super speedy heating time of 10 minutes, the adjustable thermostat dial allows you to take full control of the devices exact temperature, rather than choosing between an ambiguous 'low', 'medium' or 'high'. The temperature can be raised to a comfortable 100°C, making it great for a larger variety of foods. Only the best materials (stainless steel, aluminium and glass) have been combined to produce the food warming surfaces. Each of these materials is especially easy to maintain - reducing the amount of time needing to be spent cleaning.

With a food warming tray, you're guaranteed to be investing in a vital piece of equipment which takes the pressure off your cooks and makes it easy as pie to conform to 'hot holding' health and safety standards. For all your cold food and drink needs, check out our display fridges, which allow your customers to browse and become tempted by what's on offer. Having your products on display generates a higher level of spontaneous sales. Be sure too, to check out our large range of high-quality Royal Catering products, such as the soup pots, which will enhance any buffet set up you have in mind!