Cup Warmer

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It’s tricky enough getting the perfect balance of ingredients and timings for your hot drinks and dishes. After all that careful finessing, why let a simple problem like temperature loss take away from your customers’ experience? To warm your cups during preparation and to ensure that drinks stay hot for longer, look no further than a stainless-steel cup warmer from the catering experts at Royal Catering and Bartscher. Especially useful at large catering events, self-service buffets, or in coffee shops when the busy run hits, our cup warming devices not only keep your guests’ appetites satisfied, but help to keep your kitchen neat and organised.

Make sure every sip is piping hot with a stainless-steel cup warmer

• To warm cups and keep hot drinks warm • Two choices of capacities: 48 or 72 cups • Space-saving • Rotatable unit for easy access • Easy to use and ideal for self-service • Hardwearing

Temperature loss is one of the main offenders when it comes to customer complaints. And who could blame them? When you order a hot drink, you expect its warming effect to last as long as possible, especially if you’re taking a break from the winter weather. That’s why our cup warmer selection from our wide selection of catering appliances is suitable across virtually all kitchens. For coffee shops and restaurants, it not only ensures that your cups are warmed automatically, but provides an accessible and elegant storage space to keep your serving area clutter-free. For self-service canteens and breakfast buffets, a large cup warmer is the perfect way to keep your dining hall stocked up with cups that are easy for your guests to access. Likewise, it’s a fantastic addition to any office kitchen or even home kitchens. Market stall operators will certainly benefit from a cup warmer to fight the cold snaps in the winter months – that means delicious steaming mugs of tea, coffee, mulled wine and hot apple cider! Our heating equipment range features three different types of cup warmer– two cabinet units and one rotatable unit. Each cabinet style cup warmer is fashioned with robust stainless steel which is hardwearing, elegant and easy to cleaning. With enough space for up to 72 cups and additional space above, these are the ideal addition to any busy canteen or restaurant. Each cup warmer is easy to use, reaches temperature quickly and features an on/off light indicator. Our third cup warmer is the elegant rotatable unit from Bartcher with a maximum capacity of 48 cups. The device can be rotated 360 degrees, making it a great easy-access addition to a bustling breakfast service. For additional storage, this stylish cup warmer features four separate containers for teaspoons, sugar packets and napkins. These can be conveniently removed for separate cleaning. Each cup warmer is also mounted on rubber feet, maintaining a firm hold to your serving counter or table.

Fighting temperature loss in the kitchen

• Hot drinks dispenser • Special units for tea, coffee, hot chocolate • Ideal for long services • Stainless steel soup pot • Wide range of grills • Reach temperatures quickly

As we mentioned above, there’s nothing worse than when a customer complains about something which could easily be prevented. Luckily, we’ve got plenty more ingenious solutions to fighting temperature loss in the kitchen. As well are our range of cup warmers, we also have a range of hot drinks dispensers, which allow you to maintain the temperature of teas, coffees and hot chocolates, even during a long catering service such as conferences or weddings – you never know when someone is going to crave a cup! Another guilty suspect of temperature loss is the class bowl of soup – so much so, they even wrote a joke about it! With our soup pots, you can whip up a large batch for your guests, and make sure that it maintains its heat, flavour and consistency throughout service. Finally, when whipping up hot food in a flash, you need cooking equipment that will reach temperatures quickly and give you the best quality cook and texture throughout. In our range of grills, you’ll find excellent lightweight cooking options for whipping up sausages, pancakes, burgers and toasted sandwich – a grill for every meal of the day! Remember that the Expondo range goes further than cooking and serving. In our full range of craft supplies, you’ll find plenty of tools for construction, drainage and home DIY. And if you look to our range of industrial supplies, you’ll find everything from scales to ultrasonic cleaners, for labs, schools, factories and more! Invest in a cup warming device from expondo today!