Catering toaster

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When it comes to serving up delicious breakfasts, a side of toast is an absolute must. Whether it’s topped with butter, jam, or even Britain’s contentious favourite, Marmite, a breakfast order is not complete without this golden side order. But individually toasting every slice can cause a major backlog in the kitchen! With a catering toaster added to your catering equipment, you can prepare dozens of slices in minutes, saving you time and energy. With extra time to focus on the perfect eggs and bacon, you can keep up to speed as the early-morning orders come rolling in.

Put the finishing touch on every breakfast with a professional catering toaster

A catering toaster is at home in any breakfast kitchen from cafes to hotel breakfast buffets. A catering toaster is even great for private use, especially when you’re hosting guests. Large families will appreciate saving precious minutes getting children ready for the school run! Our cheapest catering toaster from top brand Royal Catering allows you to toast up to four slices at a time. With an adjustable timer of up to five minutes, you can make sure that every slice is the grilled to perfection (we all have our preference!).

Like all of our culinary and industrial devices, the catering toaster is energy efficient. By using the integrated switch to choose between 2 and 4 slices (up to 6 slices on larger models), the machine never uses its full capacity of power unless needed. For busier breakfast kitchens such as school cafeterias, our mini conveyor catering toaster and larger conveyor models from Bartscher allow you to prepare up to 75, 150, or even 720 slices per hour depending on your kitchen’s needs. With an adjustable speed setting, you control the level of production and desired temperature. Nothing compliments a plate of sausages and eggs better than a slice of toast. So whether you’re feeding hungry holiday-makers or noisy school children, make sure that they get a healthy (or hearty!) start to the day.

A slice above the rest!

All of our snack bar equipment is designed with versatility in mind, and our catering toaster is no different. With a slot width of 1.5cm, this device is also great for pre-baked pastries such as waffles, pop-tarts, even burger buns (for when the breakfast run is over). Both The Catering Toaster RCET-4 and the conveyor toaster are intended to suit diverse kitchen spaces, created with a compact design and built with quality light-weight materials for easy transport. With durable stainless steel exteriors and rubber feet grips, both our catering toaster options will take a firm hold on any surface. Its stainless steel finish and curved edges make the catering toaster simple to clean, and with a removal crumb tray, clearing up is quick and easy.

In our full range of cooking gadgets you’ll find all sorts of culinary solutions to pair with your catering toaster. Our contact grills are ideal for the creating the perfect toasties and breakfast paninis, with that beautiful grilled finish. And our vegetable choppers are the ideal companion for whipping up healthy fruit salads or personalised breakfast omelettes. We all know that a chef’s shift will rarely finish at 11am. When the breakfast run is over, we’ve got you covered with our range of soup dispensers, deep fryers, and our fantastic hamburger presses. For breakfast, lunch and dinner, our culinary and craft tools have tonnes of ideas on how to upgrade the way you run your kitchen. A little tip from us? Just make sure you’ve fuelled up with a healthy breakfast before the kitchen gets busy! Whether you like yours pale, golden, or blackened, our catering toasters help you to serve up the perfect side dish to every breakfast.