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Shake it off - vibration plate benefits

The vibration plate has been one of the most popular fitness equipment for young and old for many years. And rightly so, because the vibrating platform has a number of advantages: The vibrations generated oscillate through the entire body and thus help to provide an effective whole-body workout. Whether you want to lose excess kilos, strengthen your muscles or relax - all this is possible with the multifunctional vibration plate!

Thanks to the compactness of the vibration trainer, the device is so mobile that you can use it both at home and in the gym, at friends' houses or while traveling. In addition, the gentle jogging workout is easy on your joints, while its positive effects reach deep into your muscles. The time required is also low, because a regular workout of 10 minutes is already sufficient. Discover our wide range of high-quality vibratory plates in our extensive range!

Your guide to buying a vibration plate

The choice of professional vibratory plates is wide. However, you can quickly find the ideal platform: First, pay attention to the maximum load capacity of the plate, so that it can support your body weight. Then you can compare the different speeds and vibration levels and adjust them to your personal fitness level.

In addition, vibration trainers are equipped with various accessories. Here you can choose whether you prefer, for example, a suitable seat, fitness bands for the arms or a convenient remote control. In this way, you can quickly and specifically find the optimal vibration plate for you and soon start with your personal total body workout!

Vibration plate for the home

A vibration trainer is the perfect fitness equipment for your home: the platforms are extremely compact and mobile, so that these always find a place even in smaller rooms and can be stowed away just as space-saving. And since these machines provide a holistic workout for the entire body, you can even save on fees as well as going to a gym!

With your own vibration trainer, you can exercise as often and as long as you like. Especially for beginners or the untrained, a vibration platform enables a particularly relaxed workout in the comfort of your own home. In addition, you can customize your exercise program with additional cardio equipment supplement.

Vibro plate for your home gym - a full body workout

The vibrations generated by the vibration platform penetrate the entire body during exercise. By means of minute contractions, the muscles try to maintain balance on the shaking plate. Here, the entire deep musculature of the body is required. Vibration trainers are therefore the ideal fitness equipment for a deep total body workout!

Vibration platforms can be used to perform a whole range of fitness exercises. Every single part of the body can be specifically trained and brought into shape. Likewise, special fitness training is also possible on this equipment. The versatility of vibration trainers allows you to create your own home gym with just one machine.

Vibration plate to lose weight

Two factors are particularly crucial for reducing one's own body weight: a sporting activity and a healthy diet. Vibration plates offer the ideal solution here if you want to schedule little time and effort for your physical exercise. Because with only 5 minutes of training, the body already burns 50 calories on a vibration trainer.

A vibration platform sets the entire body in vibration. To compensate for these vibrations, the muscles are stimulated to maintain balance. The intense alternation between tension and relaxation of the muscles requires quite a bit of energy, which is ultimately taken from the body's fat reserves. With targeted exercises to lose weight, you can thus effectively reduce your body weight!

Vibration plates for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, also called bone loss, is a widespread disease that mainly affects older people. The substance of the bones is increasingly broken down in the body, making them more brittle and unstable. In addition to a calcium-rich diet, physical exercise, in particular, can counteract these symptoms. Vibration plates are therefore the optimal training equipment:

Shaking the vibration trainer stimulates circuits and muscles as well as joints and bones. This is because bones are particularly sensitive to mechanical stress, and it is precisely this stress that is generated by a vibration plate. For osteoporosis, gentle, low-intensity exercise is especially recommended. In addition, the training can be usefully supplemented with special exercises on gym mats.

Exercises on the vibration plate

The vibration plate is an extremely versatile piece of fitness equipment that can be used to train all parts of the body. There are special exercises for every part of the body, which can be combined to create your own training plan. Beginners should start with static exercises to become familiar with the vibration trainer.

Once you have gained some experience with the vibration plate, you can move on to more challenging exercises, such as planks as a full-body exercise or sit-ups for the abs. If the device is equipped with fitness bands, even the arms can be trained specifically. For effective muscle growth, you can also combine your exercises with targeted strength training!

How often should I exercise on the vibration plate?

The intensity of the workout on the vibration plate should be adapted to your personal fitness level, as with all sporting activities. For beginners, therefore, a training period of about 10 minutes with 2 to 3 exercise sessions per week is quite sufficient. As you progress, you can then increase the length of the workout accordingly.

But regardless of the duration and intensity of the exercises, rest is recommended in any case. This is because many of the positive effects of the vibration trainer, such as muscle growth, do not take place during training but primarily during the regeneration phases. The more intensive you train, the longer the breaks should be, ideally even 2 to 3 days.

Are vibration plates healthy?

The origins of the vibration plate date back to the 1860s, when the predecessors of these devices were already used for therapeutic purposes. Since then, numerous studies have repeatedly proven the positive effects of vibration trainers on the entire body. Only in the case of certain pre-existing conditions or chronic complaints should the exercise program be clarified with a doctor beforehand.

For example, the exercises on the vibration plate stimulate the metabolism, reduce excess weight, strengthen connective tissue, build muscle, promote blood circulation, minimize water retention, increase the basal metabolic rate, relieve tension, improve coordination, increase strength as well as speed and much more - and are thus an almost universal fitness training!

Results of successful vibration training

A vibratory plate is equipped with a powerful motor that generates horizontal and oscillating movements of the upper vibrating plate. These vibrations are transmitted throughout the body and penetrate to the depths. Muscles, bones, tissues and all circuits of the body benefit from these exercises. After only a few weeks of training, you can already see clear results!

In addition, vibration trainers also allow you to shape specific parts of your body: for example, you can exercise while sitting to tone your buttocks and strengthen your pelvic floor. Likewise, the exercises can be perfectly complemented with other fitness equipment, such as training with a multi gym machine - for particularly fast results in muscle building.

Experience with vibration plates

Numerous testimonials about vibration platforms show: Training with these fitness machines is extremely comfortable and effective. Even so-called sports muffle are enthusiastic, because the exercises require little time and effort. After just a few training sessions, muscles become stronger, skin and tissue firmer, and blood circulation to all parts of the body is optimized!

Those who have no experience with vibration trainers can also start with light exercises at low vibration intensity. This will get your body used to the vibrations and make it easier for you to keep your balance on the platform. With a little more practice, you can then increase the intensity as desired, further increasing the visible training effects.

Things to know about buying a vibration plate

Since different versions of vibration trainers are offered, it is important to consider some points when buying: The devices can each carry a different weight, which is why the load capacity of the plates should correspond to your own body weight. The dimensions of the vibration trainers are also important, so that the platforms provide sufficient floor space and training area.

Generally, vibratory plates have a powerful motor, with higher power usually producing more consistent vibrations. The functions and programs of the devices are also different and should fit the specific needs. In addition, you can get helpful accessories with various sets, with which the training can be made even more individual. Do you have further questions? Our service hotline at 030 - 209 930 530 is always there for you!