Workshop Press

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Don’t even think about bending or pressing metals without our workshop presses.

For anyone looking to bend, press or straighten metal for their next project, these workshop presses are going to save a lot of time and effort. Doesn’t matter if you’re working in a factory or a car workshop, all the tools made by MSW will be able to take whatever you throw at them. So, if you’re serious about working with large pieces of metal that need to submit to your will, then a workshop press is just what the doctor ordered.

A variety of materials to be conquered with these pneumatic and hydraulic presses!

- A range of models with pressing pressures up to 50,000kg.

- Multiple adjustable working heights to give you the right conditions.

- Great addition to the workshop if you’re dealing with shaping metal.

- Great build quality to ensure repeated use without the need for repairs.

When you’re looking for a quality workshop press for the shop or garage, shopping at Expondo is the best place to start. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking through all of our catering equipment or you’re just trying to find our cheapest workshop press; we’ve got the full gamut available online for you! Our incredible workshop presses come in a range of models that can handle a variety of pressures, depending on which model you go for. There’s our hydro pneumatic workshop press for the serious jobs you have to tackle in your workshop and all of them can be found next to our full range of workshop equipment. A solid workshop press is exactly what you’ll want to pick up if you’re looking to shape metal and our full range of power tools aren’t quite enough to cut it. These workshop presses will be a great addition to your equipment and you’ll be surprised at just how powerful and versatile they are. Once you start finding projects for them, you’ll keep finding new uses for them after every completed task. Not only are they able to stand up to repeated use, but they can be comfortably used by anyone with any kind of body shape. These were meant for everyone!

Made for the specialist workshops and serious consumers in mind.

- Great for removing gears, washers and threaded bushings on your next project.

- The comfortable working table has a large width for ease of use.

- Decentralized pressing is also possible with these models.

- An endless list of uses and applications in anyone’s workshop.

Just like all of our professional tools that are available for the consumer and the professional, our workshop presses can be utilized anywhere someone needs to bend or shape metal. They’re not just for large sheets of metal, either. They’re going to be awesome for working with gears and washers, as well. When you’re looking at our range of garage equipment to find the right tool for your next project, there’s no end to the possibilities of what you can accomplish with a little elbow grease and resolve. You won’t need as much elbow grease when you’re using our powerful workshop presses because they’ll be doing the heavy lifting, or pressing, for you! The same goes for our air tools that are surprisingly powerful given their size. So, find that next project that you’ve been putting off and find the right equipment that is going to get the job done for you without breaking the bank. You’re already in the right place, now just pick out the right tool you didn’t know that you wanted until now! You’ll be satisfied knowing you’ve picked up a quality product that’s built to last at a great price.