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A helping hand from a roller stand

If you’re in the business of textiles, craft or design, you know that everyday tasks can quickly pile up, easily getting in the way of the important things in life. Whether in the workshop or studio, we all require a helping hand to ease the load sometimes. With our roller stands from the experts at MSW Motor Technics, we bring you a versatile product to do just that – guaranteed to quickly become an essential addition to your personal or professional workshop equipment.

A product you can stand with

  • Extend your workspace
  • Load long/large objects
  • Carry up to 80kg
  • Adjustable height
  • Durable, resilient steel material

Much like the rest of our broad range of professional tools, our roller stands have one main purpose: to make your life significantly easier. A roller stand is a must have tool in any workshop or studio environment, no matter what material you work with. For long pieces of wood, metal or fabric, our resilient roller stands from the motor experts at MSW can extend your work surface area to give you the flexibility you need – an especially useful product for any work pieces that may require extra attention or safety precautions, like when used in conjunction with our durable circular saws, dynamic electrical saws or drills. Not only that, but this versatile product can also serve as a useful leverage point when loading very long, difficult objects – saving you time, energy and back pain by sliding them over the stand with very little effort. Our roller stands are impressively strong too, managing to carry up to 80kg at once, reducing the need for manual lifting of heavy wood, metal or fabric. In turn, reducing the possibility of any work based lifting-related accidents, an important thing to keep in mind for every professional. The design itself is strong in a number of different ways, making our roller stands one of our most durable power tools. They are made out of resilient steel material, accompanied by a galvanised roller, meaning they are incredibly long lasting and will be a reliable workshop companion for many years to come.

Keep rolling, rolling, rolling

  • Safe and very stable
  • Weighs less than 7.5kg
  • Compact design, easily transportable
  • Can be combined with additional rollers

Our full Expondo catalogue boasts a versatile range of equipment for all your workshop needs. Each product is certainly unique, but one thing they have in common is their strong focus on providing health and safety within the workplace. Our reliable roller stands are no different – with a highly stable construction and with four feet to keep it grounded, the roller stands offer guaranteed stability in keeping the stand secure, even when loaded with the heaviest wood, metal or fabric. And better yet, the strong and durable construction does not mean that they are impossible to lift either – the roller stands weigh less than 7.5kg, which makes them easy to effortlessly place at whatever distance from the work station is necessary. Paired with their compact design, this means our roller stands are easily transportable from one end of your work station to the other, across your studio or workshop, or simply brought with you on a business trip. They are also easily stored for easy access. An added bonus of our roller stands is their strength in numbers. If you are working with abnormally long, large or heavy materials, it is worthwhile to use several roller stands at once, increasing the surface area covered, and further easing your workload. If you’re looking for more long-lasting additions to your professional equipment, check out our sturdy foldable workbenches, our brand new roller tables or take a peek at our best-selling table saw to get you started.