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Moving equipment and materials at work or in your home safely and efficiently can be hectic. From odd-shaped boxes to big containers, repetitive lifting of such items can result in health problems. The good news is, a hand trolley can help you move these materials faster and easier.

You don't have to strain your back anymore. Be sure to make use of the many types of hand trolleys in the market today which come in different designs.

Finding the right trolley for your needs majorly depends on the kind of materials you plan on moving. This guide will walk you through the different hand trolley categories, thus helping you narrow down your options.

Hand Truck Trolley

Whether you work in a warehouse, you're a professional delivery person, or planning to move out soon; you can use a hand truck trolley to make your life easier. This tool allows you to carry heavy loads without straining your back, arms, or legs.

What's more, you'll be able to minimize muscle strain and save time. This tool is perfect for a multitude of uses, including corporate offices, beverage delivery, manufacturing, and much more.

This type of hand trolley has a modular design. This means that all parts are replaceable for much longer product life. Plus, optional accessories are available to meet all your delivery needs.

For a hand cart trolley, a folding utility cart is a viable option. It allows you to carry and move essentials for school, grocery shopping, and doing laundry. You can secure all your equipment while transporting them. It's ideal for storing your documents and files too.

Heavy Duty Hand Trolley

A heavy duty hand trolleycomes in different forms, including a stair trolley, stainless steel platform trolley, aluminum platform, and panel back cart. They're appropriate for carrying heavier loads of up to 300 kg. These moving solutions can be designed from different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and steel.

Aluminum is a favorite to many as it's light in weight but relatively rigid. Besides, an aluminum heavy duty hand trolleyoffers considerably easier maneuverability than steel. All in all, both steel and aluminum are the most durable and most rigid material for a hand trolleyof this kind.

Hand Pulled Trolley

The two-wheeled folding shopping cart has features that make it a reliable hand pulled trolley if you need a shoppingtrolley. Besides being waterproof and durable, it has a removable shopping bag. What's more, you can fold it down easily for storage.

Its maximum load-bearing limit of 50 kg ensures that you meet and exceed your daily shopping needs. It's made of aluminum material, which makes it:

  • Light texture and durable
  • Easy to pull
  • Antirust wear-resisting
  • Strengthen the bearing capacity
  • Not easy to deform

As for the hand pushed trolley, the rolling action:

  • Helps eliminate sloppy side sway
  • Offers greater ease when pushing loads
  • Prevents undue wear and tear on the flange

Since it has a high-strength cast body, it offers a high degree of safety. The ball bearing wheels makes it perfect for pushing heavy loads since less effort is required.

That's not all! The hardened side guide rollers play an essential role in eliminating roller binding due to corrosion.

Platform Trolleys

Platform trolleys are specially designed for easy transportation of bulky loads where carrying them over a long distance would be strenuous and excessive. They come in various finishes like powder-coated, steel, galvanized, and stainless steel platform trolley.

You also have many options to choose from, such as storage, tools, and industrial. The folding platform trolley is excellent for workshops, garages, schools, homes, and offices. It features a padded handle—making it convenient for maneuvering. If you're in search of a platform trolley for sale, then the platform hand trolley is worth your time and money.

It comes in an attractive design, and the steel handle makes it easier and safe to operate the load. With a textured platform surface, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cargo won't easily slip off the cart. Platform hand trolleys have heavy-duty wheel mounting brackets, and thus, will offer years of service even as a warehouse platform trolley.

Choose Your Hand Trolley

With this guide at your disposal, be sure to choose an ideal hand trolleyt hat will offer the utmost convenience and ease in your daily activities. Just remember to put the types of loads you have into consideration, and you'll be good to go.