Metal Guillotine Machines

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Main functions of metal guillotine machines

The common feature of all lever shears is a long lever that transfers force to the cutting edge. Hand lever shears are intended for stationary use and are firmly bolted to a workbench or work table. This type of plate shears is robust and suitable for work on thicker sheets. Hand plate shears, on the other hand, are the first choice for more delicate work on thinner plates. Learn more about the different types of metal shears.

Manual Shear or Guillotine?

If you work intensively with sheet metal at work or at home, a little expertise regarding sheet metal shears cannot hurt. Depending on the use, there are cutting tools in our range, split into hand lever shears and plate shears. We also offer hand plate shears and various roller plate shears.

Hand lever shears

For working on thick sheets or profile steel, a hand lever shear is the right choice. Hand lever shears are robust tools that are firmly mounted on a work surface. In conjunction with the long lever, a particularly large amount of force can be transferred onto the cutting edge of hand lever shears. A good pair of hand lever shears cuts metal workpieces with a thickness of 5 to 6 millimetres.

Plate shears

Impact shears for sheet metal have a significantly longer cutting edge compared to hand lever shears. Cutting lengths of 500 to 1,000 mm are common for manual metal shears. The thickness of the sheets that you can cut with a sheet metal impact shear is usually in the range of 1 to 2 mm. High-quality impact shears for metal have a sturdy base.

Hand metal shears

Hand metal shears are a small, handy shears. Manual plate shears are operated with one hand and are suitable for processing thin plates. There are models for left and right cuts as well as for straight cuts. A set of hand shears that covers the entire range of applications is ideal.

Tin shears

Sheet metal nibblers are operated manually, electrically, by a battery or by air pressure. Lever shears operate without any loss, while sheet nibblers produce cutting marks and usually entail some material loss.

Roller plate shear

Roller tin shears work differently from lever shears, they are more similar to can openers. This type of plate shear has 2 rollers that run close together, resulting in a distortion-free cutting line.

What metal cutting machine will work best for you?

Cutting tools

Cutting tools are always used when a workpiece needs to be shortened. Cable cutters for shortening any electrical cables to the desired length are also often used. Bolt cutters for cutting reinforcing steel to size are also useful in many trades.

Sheet metal bending machines

Sheet metal benders useful for bending metal pipes, sheets or workpieces made of solid material. In our range, you can find the ideal tools for many applications.

Welding equipment

Welding machine, like a lever shear, should not be missing from any workshop. Welding equipment is used to join and cut almost all metals.

Welding accessories

Welding accessories are a prerequisite for any professional welding. At, you can find everything you need for high-quality welding.

Workshop equipment

Complete workshop equipment is the be-all and end-all for professional craftsmen but also for ambitious do-it-yourselfers. Discover everything you need for a complete workshop equipment on