Roller Table

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Roller Tables

A sturdy roller table, adjustable to your workspace!

Are you operating a factory, warehouse, testing facility or delivery unit? Then you’ll know how important efficiency is when it comes to the day to day workload. You need industrial equipment that gives you a consistent level of production, helps to save time, ensures high quality and minimises strain on you workforce. Our roller tables from MSW allow you to move small, large and heavy objects, packages or materials at a comfortable working height. With their modular design, you can invest in as many conveyors as you need to create the perfect production line for your workspace.

It’s time to get your work on the right track

  • Flexible and modular
  • Move parcels and heavy loads with ease
  • Create a production line
  • Ideal for factories, warehouses, postal facilities
  • Choice of weight capacities
  • Adjustable height

Running an effective production line, means that results have to be measurable, processes have to be safe and consistent, and your workforce needs equipment they can depend on day in day out! With its sturdy construction and flexible, adjustable design, our roller table are perfectly suited for workshops, factories, transportation facilities and assembly lines. Our new roller tables, found in our workshop equipment range, are designed by the tools experts at MSW, who understand the needs of businesses both big and small. Luckily, with their modular design, our conveyors suit workspaces of every size. Simply line up your roller tables, one after the other to create a longer production line and give your staff ample space to work. Our heavy duty roller tables are available in two sizes: Our new roller table is ideal for heavier loads with a span of 200cm and a load bearing of 400 kg. Our smaller roller table is 165cm with a load bearing of 300kg. Even heavy, cumbersome or delicate items and professional equipment will slide safely and comfortably over the rollers with little effort on your part – this is ideal for protecting your staff’s from injury or strain. The roller tables also allow your staff to work at the ideal height which is good for the back, neck and shoulders. The legs of the roller table can be adjusted between 62 and 108 cm, as required, and its rubberised feet ensure a secure, non-slip stand.

Take the strain out of heavy lifting

  • Ergonomic equipment
  • Sturdy and secure
  • Range of aluminium ladders
  • Powered and galvanised steel
  • Range of professional scales
  • Ideal for deliveries and weight materials

At Expondo, we know how important it is to invest in sturdy and secure equipment that’s designed with staff wellbeing in mind. That’s why we provide a range of equipment that’s both sturdy and adjustable – for instance our range of aluminium ladders in different sizes. The robust roller tables are made from powdered steel with galvanised, giving you years of use even under continuous operation. They’re also lightweight, so they can be easily installed or moved around as needed. The legs are separately adjustable, allowing you to change the angle of the conveyor table. When you’re working with packages and heavy loads, it’s also important to have a reliable set of industrial scales to weigh your stock, materials and deliveries. In our range of industrial supplies, you’ll find plenty of professional scales options including parcel scales for postal and delivery units and convenient table scales for smaller materials. Kitting out your factory, warehouse or delivery unit has never been so simple!