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We have the best sturdy and dependable ladders for your garage or your workshop!

Sometimes the most basic equipment is the most easily overlooked. But having a sturdy and durable ladder for reaching those hard-to-reach places is a piece of equipment every serious handyman or professional should have. Lucky for you, our MSW brand equipment was made with the highest quality of materials with everyone in mind. There’s definitely a lot more than ladders around here, but make sure you’ve got the right one for your project needs.

Upgrade that old rickety ladder with a strong and durable one that was built to last.

  • For anyone doing work around the house that requires you to get up high.
  • Perfect for use indoors when painting your walls and ceiling.
  • Get off of that slippery roof when hanging lights during the holiday season.
  • Great for trimming your trees or other yardwork when the weather gets nice.

When shopping at Expondo, you can expect a wide variety of equipment for your professional or DIY needs. But we’ve got the craftsman in mind with our extensive workshop equipment section and our wide-ranging garage equipment products. These ladders come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different uses in mind for different consumer needs. We know not everyone needs the largest and most expensive ladder out there when something more cost effective is what is needed. There are smaller more manageable sizes for use with our gardening tools in the backyard, or our fantastic multi-purpose ladder for those of you that need a ladder for different jobs around the house. It just depends if you’re looking for a one size fits all approach, or you have a specific task in mind. One thing you’ll see in all of our ladders is that they’re made from high-quality aluminium which will ensure their lightweight and portable while not sacrificing any durability and strength. You’ll also have the ability to fold these and find an out of the way place to store them when not in use. So, figure out which projects and jobs you’ll be looking to use these for and pick out the best model ladder for you and your project needs.

Great for dealing with a variety of weights and heights so nothing is out of reach!

  • We’ve got the electrical and trade professionals in mind with many of these models.
  • Made from high-quality materials that ensure stability and resilience.
  • All models meet EN131 safety standards for your workplace or worksite.
  • These models are foldable to ensure you can pack them up and bring them anywhere.

If you’ve been coming back for our great professional tools, then you know you can expect a high level of quality for our products. You don’t want to be stuck up on high when one of the legs of your ladder decides it can’t cut it anymore. You won’t be worrying about that with any of our products, from our retractable cable reels for watering around the house, to our quality winches for more serious projects in the garage. Our ladders are made from high-quality materials that will ensure your stability when using them. You won’t be second guessing these sturdy and stabile ladders when you need to trust them the most. And after you’ve been running around the shop all day, treat yourself to our most comfortable workshop stool to rest those aching muscles you’ve been pushing. You deserve it! And you deserve a great ladder around the shop that you can trust the quality and durability of. So, make sure you throw out that old shaky one with something you won’t have to replace for years and years to come!