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Electronic waffle makers have made it so much easier to cook homemade waffles quickly and easily – and thank goodness, since we can’t get enough of them! Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, whether bursting with blueberries or dripping with maple syrup, fresh waffles make everyone’s face light up. This breakfast classic has recently become a major food trend, becoming a staple at any marketplace or fair with all kinds of different flavours and fillings, including savoury toppings. Modern waffle makers even enable you to create waffles-on-a-stick, ideal for kids or for dipping into chocolate fondue.


À la mode and beyond

Whether you are running a professional kitchen or catering operation, or are a keen home cook, a quality waffle maker is an invaluable addition to your kitchen. With non-stick cooking plates made of either cast iron or Teflon-coated metal, our waffle makers are so easy to use and to clean compared to old-fashioned waffle irons. Our entire range is sourced from quality manufacturers such as Royal Catering for the best possible end-product. The wide range of waffle moulds available includes lots of different options such as traditional Belgian-style rectangular waffles, round waffles and even heart-shaped waffles – all including those iconic grid-marks to catch that syrup, melted butter or hot fudge sauce!

And these machines aren’t just useful for brunches and sweet treats; your waffle maker can be used for crispy hash browns, falafel and even quesadillas. From our simplest and most inexpensive model, ideal for home kitchens, to our professional waffle makers and bubble waffle maker, these devices are a compact and low-mess gadget with tons of potential to get creative!

A waffle maker that can take the heat

Like all our industrial equipment and craft supplies, our waffle makers are produced using the best possible materials and designed with care to ensure that they can stand up to the strains of everyday use in a professional kitchen, making them ideal for restaurants, food trucks, bakeries and many other types of eatery. Establishments which need to cater for large numbers of people or busy peak times may find a double-capacity waffle machine the perfect solution to keep up with demand. A waffle maker is a great addition to a breakfast station or snack stand, for example combined with a crepe griddle and a milkshake maker – customers can mix-and-match toppings and fillings like ice-cream, nuts, sprinkles and fruit, for a simple menu that will have something for everyone!

The high-power models in our range reach up to 2600 Watts, meaning that your waffles come out crisp and golden brown every time, while the safety handles and overflow protection (to catch any excess batter) keep things safe and clean. Automatic temperature control and a timer function help you to stay on top of your orders and avoid that great tragedy: burnt waffles! That’s why these waffle makers are just as popular with home chefs as they are with professional caterers. Nowadays waffles are popular at any time of day: as a snack, as a dessert, as a main course, and of course alongside your morning coffee!