Heat Gun

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Whether you’re looking to strip the old paint from your bedroom walls or solder together plastic pipes, our range of heat guns provided by MSW offers the perfect tools needed to get the job done properly. Here at Expondo you can be sure to find a variety of hot air guns which are not only ergonomically built to ensure comfortable use, but the array of adjustable elements in each heat gun guarantees that we have something for everyone, from the amateur DIYer to the industrial scale operator!

Blast your way through industrial tasks with one of our quality heat guns.

-Ergonomical design built with comfort in mind -Made from premium materials to ensure longevity and support reoccuring use -Ranging temperature settings for a variety of tasks -Includes adjustable parts to ensure multifunctionality

If you’re looking to add one essential component to your set of professional tools, then why not make it a heat gun, which can be used for everything from thawing frozen pipes and shrinking plastic wrapping, to drying out damp wood and soldering board components. Like with many of our power tools, Expondo offers a range of heat blowers which cater for every need, such as an easy to use 2 stage model for straightforward procedures, right up to our 3 stage LCD gun, perfect for heavy industrial use. Our hot air guns will not only ensure that the job is completely quickly and properly, but the comfortable design and high quality materials used in all products manufactured by MSW means that you’ll be able to use your heat gun again and again without having to worry about replacements or repairs-certainly a keeper for the toolbox!

Not just for DIY connossieurs!

-If you’ve got the passion for a project, let us help you achieve it -Maximum performance guaranteed no matter what level of expertise -Great tools can be combined to minimise the amount of work you have to put in yourself -Save money and buy the tools yourself-that way you’ll have them for later use!

Whether you’re a keen culinary genius who found us through our extensive catering equipment offering, a skilled mechanical expert who uses our high quality industrial equipment, or simply a DIY enthusiast with a good eye for professional standard tools, you will value the exceptional design and efficiency guaranteed by Expondo’s products, and will know that premium products such as our heat blowers would be perfectly complemented by one of our top range rotary hammers, ideal for really getting into the nitty gritty of a refurbishment or construction project. These two products combined will most certainly assist you in making the transition from beginners DIY to fully fledged home renovation expert. Why not take the next step and commit yourself to a bigger project with the help of our wire rope hoists, one of our best selling products which is designed with warehouse use in mind to help you realise and achieve your next big project.