Hot Knife

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When it comes to heavy duty tasks you need heavy duty tools. Cutting through ropes, fabrics and other synthetic materials requires a strong blade with a sharp edge, and control you can rely on. When working with high temperatures and sharp objects, safety cannot be underestimated. Luckily, the hardware experts at MSW have you covered once again with their heavy duty hot knives. These professional blades are designed for all manner of industries from construction and craft, to sailing and other outdoor sports and training.

Hardwearing hot knives for heavy duty tasks

- For fringe-free cutting of ropes, cables and synthetic materials - For workshops, shipyards, fabric processing - Clean, sealed cuts - Comfortable to use - Overheat protection

The MSW sealer hot knives allow you to safely cut through ropes, chords, canvasses, belt straps, and a wide range of other cutting tasks. They are the ideal professional tool for shipyards, sailing schools, workshops and construction sites. Even for indoor tasks in warehouses and factories, the MSW hot knives will help you cut and shape packing materials , polystyrene, and more. The light, compact hot knives are designed for comfortable, ergonomic control throughout use. The versatile MSW hot knives can be used with a wide variety of cutting blades as well as the standard R blade, for when you need specific control over your cutting operation, depending on the fabrics type and thickness or how clean are cut you want to achieve. Choose the correct blade tip and our multipurpose hot knife will ensure that the cable ends are simultaneously cut and sealed, ensuring they will not disperse. These ingenious hot knives work by bringing the fabrics up to melting temperature, allowing both a high-precision cut and a perfectly sealed edge. The MSW cutting knives reach a maximum cutting temperature of 500 ° C and reaches temperature within seconds, saving you time. Of course, safety is a priority here at Expondo. Its built-in overheat protection switches off the device as soon as the electric components reach 90°, so you don’t have to worry about overheating.

It’s demolition time!

- Cut through polystyrene and insulating foam - Demolition hammers for construction and DIY - Indoor and outdoor use - Compact rotary hammers - A range of electric sanders - Use on wood, metal, plastic and stone

For another example of our expert cutting devices, check out our polystyrene cutters, ideal for cutting through insulation foam, packing materials, and other materials with a low melting point. When it comes to heavy duty demolition, look no further than our range of demolition hammers. This range of hammers is ideal for heavy demolition, masonry and chiselling work, indoors and out. They are ideal for construction, renovations, maintenance, road works and DIY use for breaking and clearing rubble, stone, debris and tiles. When choosing a rotary hammer, you need the best combination of precision, comfort, power and control. Our MSW rotary hammers are powered with up to 1600 watts. These compact devices give you excellent control and force during sculpting and remodelling jobs, ideal for operations in workshops, construction sites or around the house. Next in our range of power tools, are our high powered nibbler tools. These are ideal for cutting sheet metal, profiles, trapezoid, and corrugated sheets. After the dust has settled, you want your work to have a smooth, professional finish. Our range of electric sanders are suitable for use on metal, wood, plastic and stone, giving you comfortable control and a wide range of finishes to choose from. Some models are even good for smoothing out scratches and repairs on vehicles, making them a no-brainer for your range of garage tools! From hot knives to sanders, that’s a whole lot of power to get your hands. Don’t forget, we also stock a wide range of catering equipment as well as industrial supplies for factories, labs and more. Check out the full range today.