Wire Strippers

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Reliable wire strippers are a staple tool for electricians, automobile experts, construction workers, and home-DIY, allowing you to quickly and precisely remove the coating from cables, wires and chords, and reconnect the exposed copper ends with terminals or other wiring projects. They are an indispensable tool for safe and well-executed electrical work, whether you’re repairing vehicles or installing lights and heaters. Whatever the task, our versatile range from the experts at MSW will have you covered. Discover our full range of manual and automatic devices below.

For all manner of electrical tasks

• Wide range of manual and automatic devices • Globally trusted brand, MSW • Powerful, compact, robust • Professional results at work or at home • Excellent quality-price ratio

From vehicle repairs and heating installations, to light fixtures and extensive electrical examinations, wire strippers are an integral tool for processing, examining, repairing, and reconnecting electrical wires. Whether you’re investing in a small manual device for occasional tasks, or a fully automatic wire stripping machine, our wide selection of wire strippers from our professional tools range has you covered. Our professional wire strippers are compact, powerful and built with robust materials, giving you years of use for your home or business. Our best value wire strippers is the manual Cable Stripping Machine from MSW, suited for single or multiple wired copper, iron, or aluminium cables. The compact and robust device is perfectly suited for mobile use, easy to keep in your toolbox when working on the go. Made from solid sheet steel, the wire strippers secured to the edge of your workbench and manually operated using three adjustable pulleys, to dismantle cables of up to 15 mm in diameter. For professionals processing dozens of cables at once, you need an automatic machine that saves you time and energy in this otherwise gruelling and lengthy task. Our most expensive wire strippers are suitable for just this, equipped with 21 cable slots for stripping single or multiple wired cables, each at a speed of 33m per minute. The robust device is designed with solid sheet metal, and works using a toothed cutting roller. These specially hardened knives are fitted as inner-blades, to ensure safety throughout use. This multipurpose wire stripping machine is also fitted with a security switch in the event of a cable jam. The machine can be use with copper, aluminium, and flat cables with a maximum diameter of 45mm. Two wheels featuring below the device, fitted with secure brakes, allow for quick and easy transport.

There’s plenty more in our professional toolbox!

• More professional tools to choose from • Multi-purpose burnishing machines • Suitable with metal, plastic, and wood • Rotary hammers • Multifunction for hammer-drilling and chiselling

As well as our automatic and manual wire strippers, the Expondo range features plenty more ingenious devices and power tools for electrical work, repairs, construction, and more. For instance, our multipurpose burnishing machines especially designed for satin finishing, grinding, polishing, matting, and brushing with stainless steel, plastic, or wood surfaces. This robust, high-powered machine is compatible with multiple easy-change fixtures, depending on your desired effect, and can even be used as a weld grinder. You could also check out our wide range of rotary hammers, complete with transport cases and accessories. Our range of rotary hammers from the DYI experts at MSW Motor Technics are equally suited for hammer drilling and chiselling, both indoors and out. With up to six adjustable speed settings, our safe and intuitive rotary hammers are designed with fast-response stop/start functions, and fittings can be adjusted quickly to suit the task at hand. Every business is important to us, here at Expondo. Remember to check our globally renowned range of catering supplies and powerful industrial equipment, for safe and efficient equipment, wherever you work.