Polystyrene Saw

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A polystyrene cutter isn’t just a one-trick pony. This versatile tool can be used to cut a great many polymers and other materials with a relatively low melting temperature. From plastic piping to certain types of foamboard, a polystyrene cutter delivers a clean, quick cut, helping you to save time and get the best results from your project. An extremely useful craftsman’s tool, our polystyrene cutting tools are suited for numerous projects across different industries.

Precise, reliable cutting

Of course, the primary use of a polystyrene cutter is to slice polystyrene cleanly and easily using a heated ‘blade’ to cut through the material, no matter how thick. This is extremely useful for anyone using polystyrene-based construction materials such as insulation panels, sculpture media or polystyrene foam boards for prototyping. Thanks to the strong, even heat of the blade, each cut is smooth and straight, enabling optimal accuracy for your work. Whether you need to make simple straight cuts or are intending to perform more ‘freestyle’ cutting using mitre cuts, oblique cuts, step cuts and more, this polystyrene cutter is designed to do it all. This isn’t just a useful tool for craftsmen and construction workers; anyone working in retail or catering industries will benefit from having a tool to take care of the huge amount of packing materials accumulated from the monthly deliveries of stock or ingredients. By chopping waste packing materials down into smaller chunks, it takes up less space and is much easier to dispose of, or can even be reused as large packing peanuts. Manufactured by trusted power-tool brands such as quality producers MSW, these are reliable appliances that can withstand heavy use and be used for multiple different materials. A polystyrene cutter is also suitable for cutting materials such as foam pipe insulation, polyurethane, PU foam, and more, making it a great all-purpose tool for construction and handywork, helping to create cable or tubing recesses, socket holes, window embrasures or even fine cuts in model building.

Polystyrene cutters for professionals

Like all the tools and appliances in expondo’s broad catalogue, these cutters are designed to give professional results using the highest quality manufacturing materials. The high heat provides a truly sharp, clean cut, and the different models available offer varying maximum temperatures, allowing you to choose a model which best fits your individual needs and projects. Our starter model of polystyrene cutter is budget-friendly and cuts all materials with a fairly low melting point, but we offer several different models and power levels, including a model with a built-in groove cutter, and even a battery-operated cordless polystyrene cutter. We pride ourselves on ensuring the longevity of all our industrial appliances by also offering replacement blades and other accessories such as an iron cutting wire for more detailed, flexible cutting work such as cutting small or round holes, or creating sculptures out of polystyrene blocks. These appliances also come with a transport case and multiple accessories included, depending on the model. Each polystyrene cutter heats up extremely quickly, allowing you to start cutting right away, and the clean cutting edge prevents any harmful dust from being produced. The ergonomic handle allows for easy, comfortable operation. Alongside other cutting tools such as our high-quality plasma cutters, a polystyrene cutter has a place in every workshop, warehouse or stockroom.