Hot Dog Maker

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Hot dogs made with steamed frankfurters are a traditional and healthier option for one of the world’s most popular snacks. Our hot dog makers take care both of the hot dog itself and the bun too, toasting it from the inside to keep it soft and warm. This is a practical and efficient piece of catering equipment for market stands, food trucks, snack bars and many more venues where your guests crave a hot, tasty treat.

A fantastic solution for a flawless snack

No one can resist the salty, savoury and filling nature of a good hot dog. The best hot dogs are served freshly steamed or grilled in pre-warmed buns, to make a snack which is just as welcome at a summer music festival or a chilly Guy Fawkes’ Night. Our hot dog makers are a specialised item in expondo’s broad commercial catalogue of professional-quality catering equipment, yet are so easy to use that they can even be used by private individuals for parties, gatherings or even just to help cater for large families! These hot dog makers heat the frankfurters and keep them warm by steaming them in a lidded container where they are simultaneously displayed to get your guests’ appetites going. Many models of hot dog maker also feature heated rods, onto which the hot dog buns can be ‘skewered’ in order to warm them for serving, ensuring that the dog itself stays appetisingly warm for longer. This is a great gadget for any snack counter – in cinemas, at funfairs, at the beach or even at corporate events. Sourced from Royal Catering, a reputable brand for catering supplies, these hot dog makers are robust and easy to clean, making them a popular choice for mobile caterers and the hospitality industry, for example as part of a hotel buffet selection. And hot dogs make a great novelty snack for a wedding or birthday party!

Hot dog makers that forego the grill

Due to the steaming process used to heat and warm the frankfurters, there is no added oil required to cook the hot dogs using these hot dog makers. Like all our industrial equipment and craftsmens’ supplies, these appliances are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards using quality materials, meaning that they have a long lifespan and are designed to withstand the pressures of daily use and high turnovers. A hot dog maker from expondo helps you to produce large quantities of fresh hot dogs for your guests quickly and without added fat. They are lightweight and compact, reducing the countertop footprint to save you space – ideal for cramped kitchens such as food trucks or pop-up food tents. Our range of hot dog equipment is more varied than you might imagine – we are pleased to offer all kinds of different models and options, depending on your needs, from our most basic hot dog maker to our extra-large sausage grills and even homemade sausage making machines. Alongside hot dogs, we also offer flat grills and other equipment for making hamburgers, to complete your outfit for making some of the most classic meaty snacks in the world. To provide your guests or customers with something refreshing to quench their thirst as they enjoy their dog, one of our drinks fountains is another perfect addition to your kit. No one can resist a good hot dog – so make sure you’re ready for the rush!