Pasta Maker

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Cannelloni, tagliatelle, pappardelle! Delicious to say and even more delicious to eat, especially when prepared fresh that day. Pasta is the Italian staple that made its way from family kitchens to millions of menus across the world. And with so many chefs including pasta on their menus, preparing and rolling your own fresh pasta dough is the only way to stay at the top of the competition.

Pasta e Bella!

Is anything more enticing than preparing glossy ribbons of fresh pasta, ready to bring to the boil in seconds? Whether you prefer spicy arrabiata, creamy carbonara or a hearty bolognaise, the beauty of an authentic pasta dish is its freshness. Ideal for commercial restaurants and even in private kitchens, the Bartscher pasta maker found in our catering range can save you the space and workload of manually preparing fresh pasta dough, with its combined mechanism of kneading and rolling. You can forget about laboriously handling and cutting each pasta sheet to create your desired shape. With twelve optional pasta moulds, the pasta maker creates beautiful strands and shapes in a fraction of the time. The elegantly designed Bartscher pasta maker is housed in scratch-resistant lacquer. Each element is hardwearing and beautifully finished with a container and dough hooks made of CNS 18/10 stainless steel, and brass screws with a bronze alloy. Using the microswitch on the container lid, you are always one button away from preparing delicious fresh pasta. The pasta maker is designed for use with up to 12 separately sold pasta moulds such as fettucine, fusilli and the hearty, potato-based gnocchi. With such a range of shapes to choose from, you can also use your pasta maker to experiment with different flours and flavour-combinations, from tricolour pasta seasoned with spinach and tomato to black pasta coloured with squid ink, or even rice-flour pasta, ideal for a gluten-free option.

Create your own trattoria!

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. That may be so, but when the orders are coming in fast, it’s always good to speed up the production process. With a high-powered system and a dough capacity of 1.5kg, the Bartcher pasta maker can meet vast production rates, even in a bustling Italian trattoria. But to truly upgrade your pasta production, our full range of kitchen appliances has plenty more inspiring inventions to meet all of your Italian cuisine needs, from ‘Antipasto to Zuppa’! Team your pasta maker with one of our pasta cookers! You’ll find models with up to six meshed boiling baskets so you can easily monitor the cooking times of each dish for the perfect ‘al dente’. With our professional blenders you can freshly pulse your homemade pasta sauces in a matter of seconds. And with our cheapest adjustable table can-opener (up to 35 cm), you can reduce the time, energy, and risk of opening can after can of passata and chopped tomatoes, a staple in any Italian restaurant or pizzeria. For quickly prepared vegetables, salads, and pizza toppings, take a look at our selection of vegetable choppers and cutters, also ideal for quickly shredding mozzarella. Finally, we also have a selection of robust and easy-to-clean work surfaces and storage solutions, to hold your ingredients, such as our cereal dispenser.