Chocolate Melting Pot

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From ancient Aztec concoctions to the rise of the chocolaterie across Europe, right up to modern candy bars, it’s fair to say that chocolate in all its forms is a sweet treat that will never go out of fashion. Almost every top chef features at least one chocolate dessert on their menu, and many spend their entire careers dedicated to the art of chocolate. With a chocolate melting pot from the Royal Catering brand, chocolate is melted at the right temperature and ready to serve in its molten form.

Life is like a box of chocolates with our chocolate melters

The chocolate melting pot is a fool proof addition to your catering equipment for melting chocolate and keeping it at the perfect consistency. From restaurants serving up decedent desserts to cafés serving coffees with baked delights, nothing adds the perfect finish to a chocolate pudding like a ladleful of hot chocolate sauce. For hands-on street food like crepes and churros, your chocolate topping is always at hand with a chocolate melting pot. With its capacity of up to 8 litres, the chocolate melting pot is also great for hotel buffets and busy events from weddings to conferences. However you serve it, keeping melted chocolate in perfect liquid form can either make or break a great dessert. Chocolate can be a cumbersome ingredient to work with: Too hot, and your chocolate may become burnt and bitter. Too cold, and your chocolate may solidify and lose its consistency. With its integrated thermostat, the chocolate melting pot maintains temperatures from 0-100 degrees Celsius and can be easily monitored using the LED control display. The melting device features two GN containers with lids, which are dishwasher-safe and easy to remove for cleaning. With all of our industrial equipment and culinary supplies, we want to help you make the most of your time and workspace. With the chocolate melting pot, you can say goodbye to fiddling with multiple dishes or constantly adjusting the temperature, and focus on your other cooking tasks. Explore the full characteristics of our chocolate melting pot here.

The temperature is rising…

As any confectioner will tell you, chocolate is enjoyed in many forms the world over, from buttons and truffles to cakes, and even fountains! One of the earliest recorded chocolate delights is in drink form, and is still a world favourite today. Whether you’re manning a cosy coffee stand or catering for a hundred wedding guests, our hot chocolate dispenser with a 10 litre capacity is perfect for serving up steaming cups of hot chocolate. In our full range of beverage dispensers, you’ll also find coffee machines, percolators and hot water dispensers – perfect for serving a selection of freshly brewed teas. A chocolate melting pot is a great serving solution for buffets and events. But for really special occasions, you can go the extra mile with a chocolate fountain from our full catalogue of heating equipment. For dipping skewers of fruit and marshmallows, it’s a spectacular dessert feature for weddings and parties. For savoury dishes from one-pot wonders to full carvery buffets we’ve also got a wide range of heating solutions, like our selection of bain maries, chafing dishes, and rotisseries. When it comes to great food display, you shouldn’t have to compromise on temperature and taste. In our full range of hot food displays, you’ll find great solutions for keeping hot dishes tasting fresh and tender and baked goods looking crisp and fluffy, without drying out. Whether you’re investing in a chocolate melting pot or doing a full kitchen refurbishment, keep up to date with our main website for more great ideas. From culinary equipment to craft supplies like power tools and welders, we aim to help you balance efficient work solutions with customer satisfaction.