Welding Gloves

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Whether you’re fixing a broken pipe or creating a new art instillation with metal, you’ll need to protect those hands from the heat and potential burns while on the job. Our welding gloves, and all of our welding products, are provided by one of the most trusted names in welding: Stamos Welding from Germany. Their professional quality welding products are ready for whatever it is you throw at them, and will be there waiting for the next job.

High-quality welding gloves for every welding job.

• Useable with every type of welder • Perfect for the professional or the craftsman • Abrasion, puncture and heat resistant • Pair great with our line of welding accessories

These welding gloves will find a home in any craftsman’s or industry professional’s welding setup, but are great for private use, as well. Regardless of the type of welding job you’re about to tackle, a high-quality set of welding gloves are an absolute must for safety and protection. These comfortable welding gloves are useable for all types of welders, whether you’re using our MIG/MAG welders for their accuracy, TIG welders for their quality welds, Arc Welders for their portability, or just small jobs around the workshop, garage or garden, these gloves have what it takes to make it through whatever you throw at it. Made from quality split cowhide leather with a soft cotton lining, and with all the seams and threads made from KEVLAR, they’re a strong, durable, and stylish pair of welding gloves. Also, they’re abrasion, puncture, and heat resistant while being surprisingly lightweight at 300 grams. But don’t let that weight fool you, they’ll even stand the heat from our industrial standard plasma cutters. And don’t forget to pair these welding gloves up with one of our welding helmets. We’ve got a professional grade expert series for the serious jobs, and an easy series for the private use craftsman; both manufactured by the trusted Stamos Welding from Germany. Besides helmets, we have all of your welding accessories from welding carts to foot pedals for your next welding job!

Not just for welding!

• Great at protecting your hands during any craft or industrial job • Use them around the house when doing yardwork or clearing brush • Perfect for adding extra grip and comfort while using power tools • Follows EN-standards so you know they’ll hold up

Just because you’re not working with industrial grade welders doesn’t mean a high-quality pair of welding gloves won’t come in handy at some point during your work around the house. Whatever your crafting needs, having a durable but comfortable pair of working gloves is a crucial part to every toolbox. From working around a fireplace in the winter, or even to take with you on long camping trips where outdoor work might be required to clear brush and set up camp. Or maybe you want the extra grip and comfort when using one of our power tools, or perhaps you’re a professional using industrial equipment on a daily basis and don’t want to punish your hands any more than you already have! Covering your hands with Stamos welding gloves during any craft or professional job is going to make sure that you’re protected as best as you can from mechanical and thermal dangers. You can rest easy knowing that these gloves meet the EN-standards EN 388 and EN 407 while taking the brunt of the damage so your skin doesn’t have to. So, before you tackle that next welding job or around the house project, make sure you’ve got the proper hand wear and pick-up a pair of these comfortable high-quality welding gloves.