Induction Hob

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If you’re looking for a way to make the most of your kitchen space or to achieve great cooking results in a mobile catering environment, then it’s time to consider an induction hob. Our range of stoves from the cooking experts at Bartscher have something for professional kitchens and home chefs alike! These high power stoves give you an efficient heat supply for both quick sizzling dishes and slow, one-pot wonders. With a choice of one or two hobs, you can even create several dishes at once, and when you’re done, your new table-top hob can be packed away!

Quick and efficient cooking with an induction hob

• Range of hob sizes • Ideal for small kitchens • Use at outdoor events • Compact and lightweight • Smart heat technology • Easy to clean

An induction hob is a great low-cost way to add extra cooking space to your kitchen, even if you have limited counter space to work with in the first place. Quickly set up your induction hop when you’re ready to cook and pack it away afterwards. That’s why an induction hob is great for small kitchens, student dorms, and holiday homes. An induction hob is also a great addition to your mobile catering supplies if you’re cooking on the go – whether you’re holidaying, hosting a cooking demonstration, catering an event, or running hot food stand at a market or festival. Found in our full range of cooking equipment, the lightweight, compact induction hob can be easily transported and set up on any flat surface. You can even set up your induction hob outdoors, when you need a little extra fire power at barbeques, parties, or community days. For another compact and mobile solution for cooking on the go, check out our range of contact grills for meats, fish, veggies and more. From fried breakfasts to spicy wok-fried main courses, you’ve got a wide range of menu choices from this small, powerful device. The smart heating technology, that the induction system is known for, makes these hobs not only energy efficient but also safe, with no risk of accidentally touching hot surfaces. The digital display makes your induction hob easy to operate, and with its electronic overheating protection system, it’s keeping you and your staff safe while you cook. The Bartscher induction hobs are made from highly robust materials, meaning they’ll last use after use. They are also wipe-clean, so they retain their smart and elegant exterior for years!

Keep your guests happy

• Wide range of cooking supplies • Tools to upgrade your kitchen • Commercial scales • Sausage makers • Great dessert options • Chocolate fountains

We’ve got plenty more ways to rustle up a great dish for your guests, whether you’re serving breakfast, lunch, dinner or sweet treats. Not looking for catering supplies today? Don’t worry, we’ve got everything your need for minor repairs and major upgrades to your kitchen in our range of professional tools , as well as a wide range of commercial scales in our selection of industrial supplies. But, back to main event! For restaurants, grills, butcher shops or even industrious home chefs, why not check out our sausage makers from our range of stainless steel cooking supplies. These devices are a great way to add an extra flare of creativity to your menu by whipping up your very own, home-made sausage selection. They’re especially great in the summer months – did someone say barbeque season? For the sugar-lovers in your life, we’ve got two great devices that will not only hit the spot, but will give your next event a touch of visual spectacle! First up is our nostalgic candy floss machine, ideal for parties, fairs, markets and more. Second is our range of irresistible chocolate fountains, ready to entice your guests with up to five tiers of flowing chocolate. Now, that’s the perfect way to end a meal!