Detail Sander

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Whether you’re a professional or simply passionate about home DIY, heavy duty tasks require heavy duty tools. That’s why we trust the renowned hardware experts at MSW for power-tools. When it comes to choosing a detail sander, MSW are our number one choice for safety, efficiency and results. Ideal for any grinding work in workshops, construction, interior design and a wide range of household DIY tasks, the MSW sander offers an excellent balance of power and manoeuvrability when working on a wide range of wood, metal and stone projects.


It’s time to take the edge off

• Grinding and polishing wood, metal, and stone surfaces • Ideal for corners and edges • Compact and lightweight • Suitable for private and professional use • Flexible use with 2m cable • Efficient, safe, and stable

Known for offering a wide range of low-cost, high-performance craft supplies for a wide variety of tasks, professions and skill-level, the MSW brand is number one in our range of power tools. Best of all, they are proud to produce equipment using only high-quality materials and cutting edge safety and comfort features, for great return on investment for your home or business. Their compact detail sander is ideal for all manner of sanding and grinding tasks for carpentry, furniture-design, restoration, stonework, sculpture, and simple house-hold facelifts for shelves, skirting boards and more. Our cheapest detail sander balances easy-use with quick, professional results - an excellent low-cost investment for your home or business. The MSW detail sander is perfect for grinding in sharp corners and around edges, as well as polishing out rough surfaces and removing rust from metals. Weighing only 1kg, this portable detail sander has added manoeuvrability thanks to its comfortable handle and 2m cable. The grinding surface is 140x140mm with a pointed ‘iron’ shape for excellent control over the surface-area. The detail sander is powered with 105W and has a rotation speed of 12,000 rotations per minute which can be operated at continual use for larger areas, or on a manual pulse setting for working on more delicate details. This handheld detail sander also comes with one sheet of sandpaper included, which can be replaced easily using the Velcro strap. It also features a vacuum adapter which allows you to clear away dust as soon as it occurs, keeping your workspace clean at all times.

MSW offers you great results at home or on the job

• More reasons to choose MSW • Wide range of sanders and grinders • Suitable for wood, stone, metal and plastic • Mini grinders for detailed work • Orbital sanders for large areas • Burnishing devices with a wide range of finishes

At Expondo, we’re always on the lookout for the latest MSW offers that can help you work more efficiently without breaking the bank! In our full range of professional tools, you’ll find plenty more reasons to choose MSW equipment. Our electric sanders don’t stop at with the detail sander. We feature a wide choice of mini grinders for precise polishing, drilling, sanding or milling, each with a full kit of accessories included. We also offer the MSW orbital sander, ideal for working with large surface areas, quickly and efficiently. As well as this, you can choose from a range of accessories from sanding belts to polishing pads. In construction and craftsmanship, the finish makes all the difference. Why not check out our range of burnishing machines for working with wood, metal or plastic. With a selection of finishing styles to choose, such as satin sheen. matt finish, a polished shine, and smooth ground surface, our burnishing machines take the time and manual energy out of getting a great finish on your woodwork, sculpting, and more. Don’t forget the Expondo range doesn’t stop at the workshop! We’ve also got an award-winning range of catering supplies to choose from as well as industrial supplies for schools, labs, and pharmaceuticals. Discover the professional touch today.