Belt Sanders

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Creating a smooth finish on pipes, cylinders and other rounded materials requires an extremely even and flexible sanding technique. With a pipe belt sander, the grinding force is evenly distributed to create a smooth, rounded finish with no unsightly angles. Available in two sizes, your device can be adapted for use with a wide number of sanding belts depending on your desired finish. Designed by the power tool experts at MSW, we guarantee these handheld devices will give you years of use, with excellent handling and results.

Well rounded results with our range of belt sanders

  • Ideal for use on metal pipes
  • Smoothing welding seams
  • Compact and lightweight
  • MSW standards: Efficiency and safety
  • 900 Watts
  • Various spare belts sold separately

A pipe belt sander is suitable across a wide range of industries from auto-repairs, construction, welding, sculptor and engineering. The MSW pipe belt sander is specifically designed for use on steel and other metals, making it ideal for use on pipes and mechanical parts. It’s also the perfect tool for evening out grinding weld seams. They can even be operated by home-users. Like all power tools from the experts at MSW, our pipe belt sander range is tested to professional safety standards, built with hardwearing, long-lasting materials, and designed with your comfort in mind (ergonomic hand grip). Compact and lightweight, they’re also easy to store and transport from job to job. Possibly its best asset is its versatility. These lightweight pipe belt sanders can be used with a wide range of sanding belts to suit the task at hand. Choose from fine grain, medium grain, fleece sanding belts and more, all available in various widths on the Expondo website. Efficiently powered by 900 watts, the highest powered MSW pipe belt sander has an adjustable speed setting of 800 to 3000rpm, with an alternative device reaching 900 to 2800 rpm. These can be altered dynamically as you work. The MSW pipe belt sander range features devices in two sizes. The cheapest pipe belt sander fits belts of 40 x 760mm in size. Our most expensive pipe belt sander fits belts of 40 x 620mm. Both devices are delivered with one sanding belt and two carbon brushes as standard, with further accessories available to purchase separately.

For all your polishing and sanding needs

  • Versatile grinding and sanding devices
  • For use on metal, stone, wood, and plastic
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Burnishing devices for large areas
  • Mini grinders for finer details
  • A wide range of accessories sold separately

When there’s a specific task to do, you need a device designed for the job. But when you’re tacking a variety of sanding and grinding tasks, its’ also great to invest in multipurpose devices. In our wide range of professional tools, we’ve got electric sanding devices for working with metal, stone, wood and even plastic, whether you’re tacking large surface areas or delicate detail. Our mini grinder gives you excellent precision when tackling corners, edges, details, and engraving, even on awkward, uneven surfaces. Each mini grinder has a compact grinding surface and can be fitted with a wide range of accessories – in fact, each mini grinder in the Expondo range comes with a full kit of accessories to get you started! The mini grinder’s lightweight design and ergonomic handling provide excellent control over speed, angle and force, and allows you to tackle fine details with patience and delicacy. The MSW burnishing machines are excellent for tackling jobs with a wide surface area, and give you maximum comfort while you work, even on lengthy tasks. The MSW burnishing machine can be used on metal, wood, and plastic and enables a wide range of finishes such as grinding, polishing, matting and brushing. For maximum multifunctional use, you can fit your burnishing machine with a wide range of accessories (available to buy on our website), such as sanding mops and nylon brushes. Bin case you didn’t know, the Expondo range doesn’t stop with power tools! Our range of catering equipment features everything from stainless steel burger presses to heart-warming hot chocolate dispensers. And our range of industrial equipment features melting furnaces, scales, and ultrasonic cleaners for factories, labs and testing facilities. Wherever you work, we’ve got you covered.