Mini Grinder

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Sanding, grinding and polishing can be painstaking tasks, especially without heavy duty tools that are fit for the job. Whether you’re a professional or simply passionate about home DIY, it’s important to invest in the right tools not only for great results, but to maximise safety and minimise strain. When it comes to safe, efficient, and user-friendly power tools, MSW are our number one choice. Ideal for home-users or construction, design, and furniture professionals, and suitable for use on wood, plastic, metal and stone projects, the MSW mini grinder is the ideal lightweight sanding solution, especially when working on small surface areas, delicate detail, or tricky areas such as edges and corners.

It’s the details that matter

• Suitable on wood, metal, plastic and stone • Ideal for corners and edges • Convenient for fine detail and engraving • Compact and lightweight • Easy to use • Flexible use with 2m cable • Efficient, safe, and stable

When it comes to separating professional results from the rest of the pack, it all comes down to the finer details. That’s where a lightweight mini grinder from our full selection of professional tools comes in handy. Each fine-tipped mini grinder comes with its own accessories kit (choose up to 92 pieces), to create a wide range of textures and finishes, all from one handheld machine. Therefore, you needn’t limit yourself to simple sanding and polishing jobs – the MSW mini grinder will give you excellent control and accuracy during detailed drilling, disconnecting, cutting, rust-removal, engraving, and milling. With its versatile range of uses, a mini grinder makes an excellent low-cost investment for your home or business. Each compact mini grinder weighs only 1kg, making it easy to transport, store, and of course, minimising fatigue during work. The flexible 106cm cable and ergonomic handle allows for comfortable manoeuvrability throughout use. Powered with 135W, your powerful mini grinder has a rotation speed of up to 35,000 rpm, which can be easily adjusted to suit the task at hand. You can quickly adjust the attachments whenever you need with the easy-to-use locking knob and ring clamp. As mentioned, each mini grinder comes with a wide range of accessories as standard, making each device as multi-functional as possible. Our expert mini grinder includes a 92-piece accessory kit including sanding paper, brushes, grinding wheels, polishing plates, drill bits, gravers, and even polishing paste. For more solutions to drilling and chiselling work, see also our selection of rotary hammers from MSW, complete with a wide range of accessories.

More reasons to trust MSW

• Burnishing devices with a wide range of finishes • Suitable for metal, wood, stone and plastic • Wet stone polisher for use on various rock types • Welding machines • For various types of welding: TIG, MIG/MAG, Arc • Wide range of welding accessories

MSW Motors are renowned for their wide range of low-cost, high-performance power tools. We’ve got plenty more examples of MSW craftsmanship, suitable for a wide variety of tasks, professions and skill-levels. We already mentioned the versatile mini grinder! For great results at home or on the job, we’ve got a wide range of alternative sanding and polishing options to choose from. For tackling wider surface areas, our range of burnishing machines can be used for woodwork, sculpting and more. Designed with excellent handling, the MSW burnishing machines maximise control and minimise discomfort even during prolonged use. You can even choose from a wide range of burnishing accessories to create high-gloss, matt, and satin finishes. The MSW wet stone polisher is ideal for professionals working with stone in construction, landscaping, and sculpture. With adjustable speeds of up to 4000 rpm, depending on the job in hand, the device uses its central water supply to produce a clean and even wet grinding, on various rock types such as marble or granite. For professionals working with metals (auto-trade, sculpting, construction), you can also check out our range of welding machines. Our welders are suitable for wide range of welding types including Arc, MIG/MAG and TIG welding, as well as plasma cutting. Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Remember, we’ve also got an award-winning range of catering supplies to choose from as well as industrial supplies for schools, labs, and pharmaceuticals. Discover our full range of professional equipment today, wherever you work.