Transmission Jack

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Automotive repairs can certainly work up a sweat, whether it’s simple tyre changes, engine and floor repairs, or removing an entire transmission or other heavy part for maintenance. Not only is it heavy duty work, it can also be claustrophobic and even dangerous without the correct tools to keep vehicles and parts elevated and stable at all times. Get the peace of mind you need with a professional transmission jack from the auto-experts at MSW Motors.

It’s all in the lift

A transmission jack is a necessary tool for mechanics, auto-traders, and professionals in the agricultural and automotive industries. Even a home car-enthusiast can make good use of a sturdy transmission jack for basic repairs, as well as saving hundreds on expensive mechanics’ fees. To raise vehicles to make access for tyre changes and repairs, or for the removal of heavy parts, a transmission jack is your dedicated solution! In our range of lifting devices, you find jacks in a variety of sizes and capacities. They are all convenient to pack away, helping you make the most of your garage-space. Our low-profile transmission jack is available in 500 and 1000kg listing capacities. Our cheapest transmission jack is can lift up to 500kg in weight – for instance, vehicles such as cars and small vans - and is ideal for maintenance tasks requiring a rise of up to 180cm off the ground, giving you ample space to work. The height and angle of the support is can be adjusted flexibly using the hand-lever, saving you energy on cumbersome tasks. The low centre of gravity and broad stable design make our models a sturdy choice. For maximum safety, the device is fitted with a locking bar, so you can be assured that your vehicle is securely fixed while you work. Easily slide your wheeled transmission jack into place and secure with the robust parking break. The efficient combination of hydraulic lever and air valve, mean that minimal physical excursion is needed to raise and lower your transmission jack. For removing and transporting heavy gearboxes and other parts, our most professional transmission jack is ideal, especially if you are working with a full-sized lift. With its telescopic rod, adjustable up to 180cm, you have significant space to safely remove heavy parts during maintenance work.

Choose a powerful transmission jack to raise vehicles and heavy parts during repairs

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