Beverage Dispensers

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Whether it’s a hot cup of coffee in the morning or a hearty hot chocolate before bed, there’s no right or wrong time to be serving up hot drinks. As a catering professional, you need to be prepared throughout service, and that means investing in a hot beverage dispenser that is quick and easy to access, and keeps drinks hot and steaming at all times. After all, nobody wants to sip on a cold cup of coffee. Our range of dispensers and percolators from the catering experts at Royal catering and Bartcher are specifically designed to serve large batches of hot drinks, keep them warms even over long events such as conferences and weddings.

Choose a beverage dispenser for your favourite hot drinks

• Wide range to choose from • Suitable in all kitchens • Great for events and conferences • Lightweight and compact • Range of hot water dispensers • Safe and intuitive for self-service

At Expondo, we believe that every kitchen – large, small or on-the-go – should be able to run a tight ship when it comes to excellent food and service standards. That’s why our wide range of catering supplies is suitable across virtually all manner of kitchens, and our beverage dispenser range is no exception. For restaurants and bars, a day’s work will often start in the wee hours of the morning, and end well after sunset. That’s why a beverage dispenser is a great opportunity to prolong the shelf-life of hot drinks, minimise on repeat preparation, and cut down on wastage. Instead of prepping drink after drink, you can anticipate orders by preparing in batches, thus saving you time when the busy run hits. They are also a great option for kiosks and market stalls, to fight the cold outdoor weather. Our lightweight beverage dispenser range can even be operating by caterers on the go. With their easy setup and compact design, you can pack up your beverage dispenser at the end of an event, in very little time. Speaking of events, even offices and private users will benefit from an easy-to-use beverage dispenser for parties and conferences. Finally, with their intuitive design, each beverage dispenser is safe to use in self-service environments, such as breakfast buffets. In the full range of heating equipment, you’ll find specialised devices, to prepare the hot drink of your choice, from coffee percolators and tea samovars, to hot chocolate and mulled wine dispensers. We also have various sizes of hot water dispensers, ideal for brewing all kinds of teas. Our smallest hot water dispenser has a capacity of 10 litres, our medium hot water dispenser has a capacity of 30 litres, and our biggest hot water dispenser, ideal for large events, serves a whopping 40 litres.

Don’t get caught in hot water

• Made with robust materials • Elegant design • Easy to clean • Water gauges • Temperatures of up to 100 degrees C • Intuitive draining

Each beverage dispenser in our range is built with robust stainless steel, which is hardwearing, timeless, and easy to clean. With a range of efficient power options (up to 2000W) to choose from, and automatic temperature control, our devices maintain your hot drinks at the ideal temperatures of up to 100 degree C. Water gauges allow you and your staff to keep an eye on levels, so you can always anticipate and refill as necessary. Even better, each beverage dispenser is easy to clean and features an efficient draining device. If you thought a beverage dispenser was clever, then why not go a step further and check out our range of cup warmers? With a capacity to hold up to 72 cups, this elegant range a great solution to warming cups in advance while you prepare drinks, and ensuring that drinks stay hot for longer. This is especially useful during a busy breakfast buffet, to keep your dining area organised while allowing guests to serve themselves with ease. Another great addition to your breakfast service could be found in our range of catering toasters. Safe and intuitive to use, you can prepare up to 720 slices of toast per hour, and keep your diners satisfied even during a long breakfast run. Finally, for those of you braving the great outdoors at funfairs, markets, and parties, look no further than our range of market and funfair equipment featuring everything from popcorn machines to waffle makers. Before you go, remember to check out our full selection of industrial supplies, power-tools and drainage devices, for all your business needs, in the kitchen or out.