Beer Dispenser

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Imagine you’ve got guests coming over for dinner or just hanging out in the living room while the football is on. Instead of passing out endless bottles of beer, you bestow your coveted beer dispenser upon your guests for all their thirsty demands. You’ll have problems kicking them out and remembering to get enough beer or cider for the next match! If you’re serious about entertaining friends at home, or patrons at your small café or restaurant, then take a long and serious look at picking up a stainless-steel beer dispenser and get that straight from the keg taste every time.

Conveniently sized beer dispenser for the café or just your home patio!

- Great for storing a large quantity of beer or cider - Convenient when guests are around - Quality stainless-steel for great build quality - Adjustable settings for temperature and pressure

We all have dreams of entertaining guests, whether it’s in the comfort of our own home or the new café you’ve just opened up. Having the ability to keep the beer flowing while keeping the party going is a huge benefit of having your very own beer dispenser. Our own brand Royal Catering offers quality products and provides our catering equipment to a wide range of food and beverage outfits. From their great beer dispenser to get a party started, or even our drinks fountains for mixers or the underage attendees to the family get togethers. These products are made with high quality stainless-steel for quick and easy cleanup and are built for repeated use, so you can bring them out year after year without worrying about whether they’ll be working or not. If you’ve come here looking for a great beer dispenser to get ready for a party or for the imminent opening of your new café, you’ll definitely want to have a look at our refrigeration equipment to keep all that home cooking cold till it’s ready to be put on the grill or thrown in the oven. When shopping at Expondo, you’ll find every conceivable option you could imagine. Doesn’t matter if you’re looking through our commercial fridges for large quantities of perishables, or just our drinks fridges for the garage or dorm room. We’ve even got smaller countertop fridges if space is an issue! No matter what you choose, the beer dispenser will make a nice pairing for your refrigeration needs. Or if cooling is the name of the game, and throwing a pizza party for the little ones is in the cards, you’ll definitely want to have a look at our pizza cooling tables for those outdoor events, or the new pizza shop you’re planning on opening. Whatever the case may be, a nice beer dispenser will fit right in.

Affordable beer dispensers for any home or café!

- Super sleek design that is sure to impress - Be the envy of all your friends - Treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted - Think of the money you’ll save buying in bulk

We have a lot of customers find us when they’re shopping our full range of professional tools or contractors trying to find quality industrial equipment for the worksite. Our customers have come to expect a certain level of quality and professionalism about the products we have on offer. Our beer dispenser is no different. We’ve been dealing with industry professionals who come here for our products and these same products are being made available to private consumers as well. This is what we’re offering and we’re doing it with some seriously stylish and great looking products that were specifically designed to keep working and easy to use. So, what are you waiting for? Pickup that beer dispenser and have a look around!